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4246RE: Modern Heater Question

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  • ajbtelecom
    Feb 19, 2014
      Thanks to all who responded, both on- and off-list.  Several people suggested checking the wick, this was actually the first thing we did.  I neglected to mention in my original post that the spike moves with the burner when the burner is rotated, indicating that the problem is actually with the burner.

      I think Larry called it exactly when he mentioned the chimneys not seating properly due to manufacturing defects.  This appears to be the situation, and we will take steps to remedy it at some point.  Right now the heater is working well enough to keep us going, so we are grateful for that.  Next year we will be better prepared!!!  This winter has been a real learning experience...  Mother Nature has taken me to school, so to speak.

      Thanks again to all who responded, you guys are the greatest.  Hope everyone is [and remains] well.

      Jim Bennett
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