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4244Re: [KeroseneHeaterandStoveCollector] Modern Heater Question

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  • Larry Hollenberg
    Feb 18, 2014
      Your questions are welcome. Yes we started more or less to give collectors of vintage oil items a place to find information.. But over time the need has grown for help with more modern items as well.  
      A high spike may mean too much air getting to that part of the burner.  It might be a string of material sticking up on the wick.. Sometimes the bottoms of the chimneys aren't seating right for some reason, maybe due to manufacturing? On some round wick lamps the trouble can be the wick tubes are not the same spacing all around letting too much air to one part of a wick.  
      Having the heater not level could cause a higher flame on one side. Those are just some things off the top of my head that might happen, but hopefully someone else has another answer.. Hope you can get it running soon.. 
      Oh and another thing.. Not popular with some sellers I would guess, is that new wicks very often are not the original thickness and allow for too much air entering around the wick tubes. I have tried replacing original stock with new an usually am disappointed.  


      On Tuesday, February 18, 2014 8:38 AM, "ajbtelecom@..." <ajbtelecom@...> wrote:
      Good morning, all.  I have here a Sengoku KeroHeat CTN-110 radiant heater.  It is brand new.  There is a bad flame spike on one side of the chimney, bad enough that I have to turn the flame down too low for proper operation.

      On my other modern heater [a Sengoku OR-77], fixing the flame spikes was achieved thus:  1] Disassemble wick support, bend center tube to properly center it.  2] Surface the bottom of the chimney [converter] rings, as described on Mile's web site.  3] Keep the top surface of the wick holder [where the chimney rings seat] spotlessly clean.

      None of these things are an option for this heater, because the wick support is more of a rigid assembly, and the chimney rings are [by design] not in the same geometric plane, so the surfacing technique is not possible.  The surface where the burner seats is clean.

      Does anyone have one of these heaters?  Any suggestions are welcome.

      Also, I have not yet fully disassembled and reassembled the heater, perhaps the fix will be obvious when I do.  Right now it is my sole source of heat [long story], so it is not an option right now.  And yes, I know that the real fix is to throw this thing out and get an old KersoSun, but that is not an option today, or even this week.  The objective right now is staying alive [the human condition in a nutshell].

      Sorry about the semi off-topic question, but this forum is where the experts are [I don't think there is a forum for modern heaters].

      Thanks in advance,
      Jim Bennett

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