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4237Re: [KeroseneHeaterandStoveCollector] tarnished brass fount

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  • Dave Lewis
    Feb 14, 2014
      I, too was wondering if there's some sort of sealer on the brass that's keeping you from cleaning it. Perhaps testing with laquer thinner and a toothbrush to see if it makes following up with polish possible.

      For brass, before polishing, it's often wise to dip in some sort of cleaner. I'm not sure what that cleaner is, but I've seen it completely brighten brass in a minute or so. I'll try to figure out what that chemical is, but I think its some dilution of phosphoric acid.

      Dave  Lewis
      in St. Louis

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      Is is possible you have lacquer sealing the brass. That will get gummy and not want to come off but keeps the brass dark.. I would fear the wire brush would be too coarse to use on the finish? 


      On Thursday, February 13, 2014 11:28 PM, Ratkindler <ratkindler@...> wrote:
      I’ve got a brass fount for a Valor Junior #56 that I’m trying to clean but it’s very heavily tarnished.  A steel brush on my Dremel didn’t work, and Brasso got some of it off but most of it won’t budge.  Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning this without discolouring or damaging the brass somehow?

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