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4233Howdy, and thanks!

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  • mr_wes
    Feb 12, 2014
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      I just wanted to say hello and thank you for this group. I have an older house with a Siegler 8870UN heater as the only source of heat. I've never had any documentation for it, and mostly didn't need any. It just keeps working year after year. 

      I recently thought I had a stove issue that ended up being a problem with how an inline filter was installed when changed (no flow to the stove). I came looking for stove information and was so happy to find the manuals that have been scanned. I had no clue about oil stoves and how they work so the info here is a huge help. I've looked into getting a newer stove, but that would require an expensive insulated insert for my two-story chimney. What I've found here should make it easier to keep my present stove working for a long time.

      Thanks again! 

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