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  • Dave Lewis
    Feb 8, 2014
      It might make sense to use silver solder on the adjusting rod repair, as it melts at a temperature higher than common lead solder. If you can find silver solder, you can use a standard hand-le==held torch with MAPP GAS to do the heating. If you don't want to spend the cash for such a small bit of silver solder, I'd be happy to send you a piece in the mail (it doesn't take much.

      Good luck with your restoration! We want to see "after" pictures.

      Dave  Lewis
      in St. Louis

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      So I just got my first vintage heater - this Valor Junior #56R. It's a bit rusty (surface rust only) but all the parts are there except the handle. Anyone know where I might find a handle for this? It wouldn't surprise me if a Perfection handle would work ok too.


      The fuel fount and burner are brass and should clean up nicely. The center tube is bent slightly and might be difficult to get back into position since it tends to return to the misaligned position.

      The wick adjuster sprocket needs to be resoldered so it won't spin on the rod. Is there anything I should know about soldering brass?

      The old wick holder cylinder thing is stuck in the gallery and will take some effort to remove. I'm going to try lots of WD40 first.

      Finally, does anyone know how old this might be? I read somewhere that this model was made from the 1920s to the 1960s. There's a number code on the inside marked "4G". I've been trying to find vintage catalogs online like those I've seen for Perfection but haven't found anything.

      In summary, this looks like a nice little project that I'm looking forward to finishing. It'll look great in my livingroom.

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