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Re: Need CAT-interface or IF-10D or IF-232 box?

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  • phaseroo1
    Hi, I use the Digimaster Pro+ with the TS-50S and it works perfectly with HRD, Fldigi and MixW. You will need the CM1 plugin and the standard AFSK Kenwood KL05
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 12, 2012
      Hi, I use the Digimaster Pro+ with the TS-50S and it works perfectly with HRD, Fldigi and MixW.
      You will need the CM1 plugin and the standard AFSK Kenwood KL05 lead plus the CAT lead, all available from: http://www.g4zlp.co.uk/unified/DM_PRO_PLUS_complete.shtml
      An e-mail to neil(AT)g4zlp.co.uk will clarify any issues.
      I have no affiliation to G4ZLP just a satisfied customer.
      73 Gerry - GI0ZGB

      --- In Kenwood_TS50@yahoogroups.com, Ted van der Voort <tvdv99@...> wrote:
      > Let me explane my setup.
      > The Kenwood TS-50 with Tuner and Vertical Antenna is shortly installed in my 33' sailboat and we had trouble finding good ground, untill we connected to the backstay, now it works good. Good phone/voice receiving and transmitting.
      > Now I wish to get digital and Steve Pituch helped me with that also making a wire-harnas between the Kenwood-PTT-plug and HP-MINI-USB, see below his email;
      > -"For digital operations one needs to trigger the radio via a serial port. A special circuit is required to convert the serial RTS line to the PTT “push-to-talk of the radio. I have custom built this circuit and inserted it into the serial line of the interface. Since you do not have a serial port I have included a USB to Serial converter. I was able to test the transmit audio and the PTT function with my Transceiver and it works well. You need to test the receive audio by monitoring some digital transmissions. I suggest downloading Digipan and listening to PSK31"-
      > I did and it worked on Digipan.
      > Here more from Steve;
      > This PTT circuit is shown below.
      >  I have included it so that you can debug and repair the circuit if that becomes necessary. Be careful when removing the connector from the radio. Pull on the metal case and not the wires. Otherwise you will have to re-solder the wires.
      > For additional documentation in case you need to make a repair I am listing the following.
      > Pins 1,2,6,7 of the TS-50 Microphone connector:
      > Pin 1 is transmit audio and is connected to the tip of trrs connector going to the sound card (speaker out).
      > Pin 2 is the PTT function. It goes to pin 7 of the DB9 connector that plugs into the usb to serial converter.
      > Pin 6 is receive audio out. It goes to the ring closest the sleeve of the trrs connector. (microphone in)
      > Pins 7 and 8 are shorted together and are ground. The sleeve of the trrs connector connects to this as well as Pin 5 of the DB9 serial connector.
      > If you do not get familiar with this interface and other parts of your hf system you will not be able to repair them when you are on the high seas.
      > Once you get the hardware working you will need to get the software working. You will need to be sure that you are using the correct com port with the usb to serial converter. You will need to be sure that you are using the correct driver for the usb to serial converter. Windows 7 usually picks the prolific driver but if you have trouble with it, then download the gold-x driver for your converter. It can be found on the Internet. Then you will need to adjust the volume of your radio to not over load your sound card. You will also have to adjust the microphone gain of the laptop. Next you will want to be sure that you do not overdrive the transceiver with excessive audio when you are transmitting. You can usually adjust this by adjusting the volume of the speakers on the laptop. As you can see there is a lot to learn as far as getting the digital modes working."-
      > And yes it worked good on Digipan.
      > But HRD does not let me connect. Digimaster780 (DM780) have a good reception, but I cannot send.
      > What to do???????? Please keep in mind that I'm a dummy and Steve cannot help me longer. (he did very much).
      > There's also a guy on the TS50 Yahoo Group that makes cat interfaces for the TS50 as well.
      > Ruben Echevarria KA2HHB
      > Newark, New Jersey 07104
      > 070 Club#861 LONP#141
      > 30MDG#1148 10-10#33308
      > EPC#3390
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: George Hughes
      > To: ham-radio-deluxe@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, December 24, 2010 10:44 PM
      > Subject: Re: [ham-radio-deluxe] How get started HRD with Kenwood TS-50 withoutCAT-board?
      > There is a guy in England who makes all kinds of cables and interfaces for Kenwoods, Icoms and many others.
      > I think the call is G3ZLP. He sells a lot on ebay. I have a couple of is interfaces for my backup a Kenwood TS-450SAT.
      > I think he even makes an IF-232 replacement for the Kenwoods that require the IF-232.
      > Gud luck on finding one.
      > de AF4GH George
      > From: Tony
      > Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2010 11:36 PM
      > To: ham-radio-deluxe@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: RE: [ham-radio-deluxe] How get started HRD with Kenwood TS-50 withoutCAT-board?
      > You will either have to find a Kenwood IF-10D box and a IF-232 box both of
      > which are discontinued or
      > Home brew both of them before you can connect your TS-50 to the computer and
      > HRD. Your wire harness
      > May be able to control PTT but that would be all and I have no idea what you
      > have and how you have it
      > Connected. You can find information and schematics of both the IF-10 box and
      > IF-232 box which are both
      > Easy to build at this link <http://www.steeman.be/?p=167> and there are
      > other circuits that can replace
      > The IF-232 box with much less parts. Just Google "CI-V circuit", there are
      > links to several different
      > Circuits at this link <http://www.plicht.de/ekki/civ/civ-p2.html> and the
      > one that uses on 2 transistors
      > Works just as good as the more elaborate ones. Just make the right
      > connections and you could build
      > Both the IF-10D and IF-232 in the same box on the same circuit board.
      > Good luck
      > Merry Christmas
      > 73 de Tony, KD4K
      > OR FIND IF-10D OR IF-232 BOX? IS THAT IT?
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