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  • Ruben
    Hello Tony, welcome to the group. I m also new here and believe me I should have joined up a long time ago. I m happy and proud to say that because of some
    Message 1 of 3 , May 1, 2006
      Hello Tony, welcome to the group. I'm also new here and believe me I
      should have joined up a long time ago. I'm happy and proud to say
      that because of some help that I received I was able to repair my
      TS50s. It's back on the air and I finally made a contact on 20
      meters today. Got a good report, really happy about that.
      Best 73 Tony and to the group as well

      --- In Kenwood_TS50@yahoogroups.com, "sailortonyb1"
      <sailortonyb1@...> wrote:
      > Hello all, my name is Tony, call sign KC5SDI. Have my general
      > license about 10 years , I think. I got my radio license when i
      > a Captain on Crew Boats and supply boats in the Oil Fields of the
      > Gulf of Mexico. I always wanted to be a HAM when i was a kid, but
      > were too poor and also we lived in the 'high rise' city Projects
      > Brooklyn, so no place for an antenna. Anyway, I decided to get my
      > license when i was a Captain because i had lots of spare time and
      > only operated from boats. Then I got a job on the Platforms and
      > in the Gulf and so I only operated from the rigs. I never had a
      > antenna, I always made my own wire antennas. With a ground plane
      > like the Gulf, i could get out easily. Within the past several
      > years, I have been contracting with BP and their policies would
      > allow any electronic equipment that was not 'intrinsically safe'
      > platforms that had gas wells, understandably so. So my radio was
      > packed away on a sailboat i lived on. Hurricane Katrina managed to
      > remove almost everything from my material life, my old boat is
      > floating but was totalled by the Ins. Co. and my TS-50 was still
      > the boat , nice and safe so I removed it. I just bought another
      > sailboat in Florida and will be sailing across the Gulf to my new
      > temporary home in a marina in Kemah, Tx. around mid-May. I'm at
      > right now, yes, in the Gulf, but when i get off on May 10, i will
      > heading to Florida for the move, with a few friends. I will be
      > installing my TS-50 and a whip antenna. Thought it would be fun
      > SMART to have world wide communications and get back into HAM
      > again. Hopefully my buddies will also enjoy HF. My favorite band
      > always been 10 meters. My second favorite is 17 Meters. Well, time
      > to get back to work.
      > Looking forward to 'meeting' all of you.
      > Tony B KC5SDI
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