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Re: [KeelyNet_Interact] Magnetic Flux ?

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  • DonEMitchell
    Hello and thanks, However, the answer below, Vilma, missed the intent of my question below, so I ll try to expand... Rather than ask, What is magnetic flux,
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 7, 2008
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      Hello and thanks,

      However, the answer below, Vilma, missed the intent of my question
      below, so I'll try to expand...

      Rather than ask, "What is magnetic flux, really?", I should ask it this

      q1) "What constitutes the "force region" (a field) of magnetic flux?"

      q2) "What quality of reality constitutes magnetic flux?"

      q3) "What is the foundational underpinning that creates magnetic flux?"

      Thanks also to Argona who quoted Gary from the freeenergy group stating
      that flux is really just electrostatic force, quipping Einstein.

      Notice in my original post that I give a scenario wherein an electric
      field may be viewed as a magnetic field to a non-stationary observer,
      and as an electric field to an observer traveling with a moving electric

      So my original post already expanded on the premise that magnetic flux
      is special instance of electrostatic forces.

      Therefore, here's a better question...

      q4) What is the foundational constituent of "force", whether magnetic,
      or the reciprocal electrostatic attraction between particles?

      Please try to think past the terminology that names the force without
      describing the force.

      And here's my ruminations...

      Is there anything actually constituting a flux field, or is the force
      promoted between two places by disturbance in the aether (virtual
      self-canceling energy particle sea) what constitutes the actual makeup
      of the "force" not as a tangible field, but as the outcome between two

      I'm not asking for standard definitions, just let your mind ponder with
      me outside the box?

      Warm regards,


      Vilma Cinco wrote:
      > Flux is a form of energy like light, sound, gravity, and moving particles.
      > It shares properties with the other energy forms. Most important to our
      > discovery, it shares the properties of light passing though boundaries. For
      > light the boundaries are glass and air and for magnetic flux the boundaries
      > are steel and air. Because the reactions at boundaries are exactly the same.
      > Creating motor torque is as easy as creating a rainbow.
      > Vilma Cinco
      > Syncopetra
      > 2008/5/21 DonEMitchell <mitch@...>:
      >> Hi Folk,
      >> What is magnetic flux, really?
      >> Is it a disturbance in space? Is it a polarization of the aether?
      >> Or is magnetic flux essentially only the direction of force exerted by
      >> charged particles in motion?
      >> From: [KeelyNet_Interact] Syncopetra $100M 2nd Prize...
      >> "We discovered
      >> though hundreds of experiments that magnetic flux refracts at boundary
      >> surfaces just like light. Very simply, with this understanding, we can
      >> manipulate flux as simply as a rainbow can be manipulated with a glass
      >> prism. All challenges to validity seemed to vanish once refraction
      >> principles were understood."
      >> If magnetic flux can (really) be refracted, it seems as if it is a
      >> tangible thing.
      >> Can anyone shed more light on what fundamental concept explains how flux
      >> can exist without moving charge?
      >> Consider that a sphere having a static voltage on it has no magnetic
      >> field, however, if the sphere is moving relative to a ferrous material,
      >> the material will sense a magnetic field.
      >> Will a traveler moving along on the charged sphere yet only detect a
      >> static voltage?
      >> Or will the static voltage level drop when it is coupled with the
      >> (relatively) moving sensor material?
      >> If the traveler detects a voltage drop, it would be as if the passing
      >> ferrous material were a passing magnet.
      >> Help me out, please :)
      >> Regards,
      >> DonEMitchell
      >> http://groupKOS.com
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