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Re: [KeelyNet_Interact] differences in waves of sound...

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    Aspden is a curious experiment, I ve validated the same on the bench in the garage with a perm mag rotor for a bedini device. The claim was pretty much how you
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 13, 2012
      Aspden is a curious experiment, I've validated the same on the bench in the garage with a perm mag rotor for a bedini device. The claim was pretty much how you note it but I recall it with some slight offset, that being that you could bring the system to a full stop and as long as it was started back within seconds of being stopped it would return to RPM using only some percentage of what it needed to initially spin the mass up from a dead stop at which it had been sitting for some time. The idea Aspden was pushing was that the aether has motive memory for some amount of time... such that it takes some seconds to "entrain" the aether, and some more seconds for the aethers entrainment to stop and go away once the mass producing the entrainment is stopped or removed.

      I might be confusing my memories as it might have been Keely who noted the giant granite spheres... then had a band of metal around them and from that band there were like 3 gyroscopes, each set to a different rate to produce a chord on the granite... and then the granite was spun one way or the other to produce more or less gravity interaction. Its been a few years since I read keely/dolbear so its sorta dusty in the noggin around that info. But that also fits with the hurricane hand cranked siren for finding what those frequencies might be of the aggregate mass so as to chord them.

      I read about the giza pyramid using the avenue of the sphinx for the path the huge stones walked and that it was supposed to be some sort of acoustic resonant path where people could intone the right sounds and cause the levitation of the stones so they could push them along. I don't know much more than that about the pyramids, and I do recall reading about Thoth and his abilities with his curious staffs/handheld symbols of being able to "speak words of power which held the primitives in their places". The emerald tablets seem to indicate Thoth was from Atlantis and left just as it sunk to go to Egypt to find a people to raise up or some such. I wonder if times and space changed right at that time and he was then working with the decline of whatever type of energy force was being used so effectively back then.

      There are other articles of how area 51 noted the use of giant hollow toroids filled with mercury vapor and driven to spin at high velocity inside there to cause a massive reduction of weight... think that was on viewzone at one point... been over a year since I read about that too... :)

      Take care man, Thanks for the replies with all the details!

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