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free photo fix, touchup & repair program only today!

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  • Jerry Decker
    Hola Folks! Here is a very fun program that lets you fix your pics; http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/perfect365/ Its from giveawayoftheday who usually have
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      Hola Folks!

      Here is a very fun program that lets you fix your pics;


      Its from giveawayoftheday who usually have pretty cool stuff...this one
      is a HOOT! And totally free til about 2AM central time...

      Go for it, won't cost you a cent and you can mess around with all your
      photos!!! So much easier than photoshop for some touchups.

      Check out the photos of various people before and after being touched
      up. Can't believe ANYTHING you see these days.

      12/04/11 - How Photoshopped Is That Picture?

      "Digital forensics experts at Dartmouth have developed software that can
      analyze digital photos to rate how drastically they have been altered by
      digital editing techniques. 'The Dartmouth research, said Seth Matlins,
      a former talent agent and marketing executive, could be "hugely
      important" as a tool for objectively measuring the degree to which
      photos have been altered.'"

      The photographs of celebrities and models in fashion advertisements and
      magazines are routinely buffed with a helping of digital polish. The
      retouching can be slight — colors brightened, a stray hair put in place,
      a pimple healed. Or it can be drastic — shedding 10 or 20 pounds, adding
      a few inches in height and erasing all wrinkles and blemishes, done
      using Adobe’s Photoshop software, the photo retoucher’s magic wand.

      “We’re just after truth in advertising and transparency,” Mr. Matlins
      said. “We’re not trying to demonize Photoshop or prevent creative people
      from using it. But if a person’s image is drastically altered, there
      should be a reminder that what you’re seeing is about as true as what
      you saw in ‘Avatar,’ ” the science-fiction movie with computer-generated
      actors and visual effects.

      The algorithm developed by Dr. Farid and Mr. Kee statistically measures
      how much the image of a person’s face and body has been altered. Many of
      the before-and-after photos for their research were plucked from the Web
      sites of professional photo retouchers, promoting their skills.

      The algorithm is meant to mimic human perceptions. To do that, hundreds
      of people were recruited online to compare sets of before-and-after
      images and to determine the 1-to-5 scale, from minimally altered to
      starkly changed. The human rankings were used to train the software. -
      Full Article Source


      Jerry in Ixt


      As always, Research continues....

      Nos vemos (seeya!)

      Jerry @ Keelynet in Mexico

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