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Re: Vibrations

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  • Jerry Decker
    Hola Chris! Comments follow; ... Many of us have done the same thing and its a shame but when we die, many of our families and friends will trash our libraries
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011
      Hola Chris!

      Comments follow;

      Chris wrote:
      > Hi Jerry
      > I have been an avid student of free energy for some years now, and have
      > gathered many documents/books on the subject, most of which I have read
      > more than once in the late evenings.

      Many of us have done the same thing and its a shame but when we die,
      many of our families and friends will trash our libraries and
      collections...I have seen it happen so many times..I wanted funding to
      setup a museum to collect inventions and books and documents where
      anyone could come see them, but no one will fund it. See;


      > I visited Keelynet for the first time about a year ago learning about
      > the gravitational machine of Gorbenikov, if I have spelled it right.

      Grebennikov...close enough for communication...

      > As to my history I built my first attempted free energy machine from the
      > articles of Bob Teal and the magnipulsion engine, there was some success
      > but it was not the greatest in my opinion, perhaps I did not understand
      > it well enough, however since then I have done a number of differing
      > projects in this regard, namely Don Smith and Ed Gray.

      I met Bob Teal and know Don Smith but Ed Gray was before my time...Teal
      was fascinating! Don Smith is a nutcase but Ed Gray has something...I
      think there is a company in New Zealand who have an engine that sounds a
      lot like Ed Grays engine...it is somewhere in my news archives!!

      > These items are still on the shelf and are there for future reference,
      > and use in other projects as I found the combination of the theories and
      > machines work quite well together.

      Yes, I too am big into hybridizing and correlations.

      > But man! after stopping building for the sake of building, and just
      > pondering the patents and writings of all the great inventers, Tesla,
      > Moray, Farnsworth, De Forrest, Kholer, Aspden, Hendershot, Hubbard etc.
      > Looking at the elements and crystal make up the work of the alchemists
      > there are a few things that really bother me and perhaps you, If
      > T.H.Moray, Nicola Tesla and Kholer had success with Radiant Energy, how
      > is it that no one else seems to be able to get it right.

      Isn't it amazing! And without all our technical complexities, they were
      using stuff around the house and shop yet producing miracle machines if
      the reports can be believed.

      > Just maybe we are looking in the wrong direction, at least that is what
      > I have been thinking over the last few weeks.

      Exactly, simplify! What did they have at the time that we can still get
      today to try to COPY them...

      > Moray in one of his first books or writings “Sea of Energy Second
      > Edition 1926” the best of the lot in my opinion, has a strange bit of
      > information in it the second last paragraph, and I quote:
      > *“As Long as the universe has existed charged particles now called
      > “Cosmic Rays” have been bombarding every planet or object in the
      > universe, including all living bodies, at the rate of 20 times per
      > second and with a force great enough to penetrate deep into the rocks of
      > the earth”.*

      20 times per second? 20HZ/cps, thats almost infrasound...must be huge in
      amplitude to be able to penetrate deep into earth.

      > Is this not a strange bit of information, as the last paragraph is even
      > more intriguing “Song of the Universe”
      > Did the monks not move 30 tonne granite rocks with music, The frequency
      > of the universe is 528 Hz how is it we don’t hear it, is it not in the
      > audible range of human hearing?

      The lowest audible (in air) frequency a human can hear, even a young one
      is about 20 cycles per second which is what you quoted above.

      You know frequencies aren't necessarily AUDIO as through AIR...they can
      be light, electromagnetic or any other media which can be jerked back
      and forth at the oscillatory rate you choose.

      > I know, and probably most do that music has a real strange ability on
      > the human body and mind, because of the energies associated with it at
      > the lower frequencies, your last letter on your website this morning*,
      > By the way I hope you get well really quickly we need you here to keep
      > all of us going on this quest*, shows your regard for vibrations.

      I'm not sure what you are referring to here...last letter on the
      website? With regard to what topic?

      > Going back a bit on the subject Alpha waves are the carriers of ion’s
      > are they not, and these are the ones all the great inventers talk about.
      > Both Tesla and Moray used a small amount of feedback from the outer
      > circuit to cause their devices to trick the wave into seeing the
      > antennae as a really huge one, causing the wave to bend into the device
      > and creating a suction or vortex around relatively small antennae.

      Possibly so...it sounds that way by reading descriptions of how their
      devices acted like energy wells with no resistance, inductance or
      capacitance that could remotely block any incoming energies...but that
      they built up to a certain level in stages which discharged into
      subsequent stages until they had great power..

      Back about 2000 this guy wrote me saying he could draw a 2 foot
      continuous arc from atmospheric electricity collected with doped
      electrets...tried to get him to show his devices at our 2001 conference
      but he would not..but he did write up this interesting page about his


      > Tesla was the best with his car he bought most of his parts from a local
      > radio shop for the power unit, and did not include any radioactive
      > materials to do the same job as Moray’s device did, this man was a
      > magician with a true understanding of atomic theory, I wish I could get
      > more of his writings most of the book suppliers I have searched do not
      > ship to Africa.
      > Jerry I could go on all day about the research I have done and would
      > more than anything like to hear what the group thinks on the subject if
      > you would discuss it with them, perhaps my understanding of the whole
      > subject, is not at a level where the real concept has been realised, and
      > if so, I apologise for that.
      > I am currently busy with a crystal device that works in the lower
      > frequency bands to check if I can find the wave Moray was talking about.

      Good luck with that! I'm sending this to the interact list in the event
      someone might have comments, you really should join the list to post or
      answer as desired.

      Subscribe: KeelyNet_Interact-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      Thanks for writing and keep up with your work, something good might come
      out of it!

      Jerry in Ixt

      > Hoping to hear from you soon
      > Chris


      As always, Research continues....

      Nos vemos (seeya!)

      Jerry @ Keelynet in Mexico

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