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A Marks coil thought

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  • michael.ronfeldt
    Hello everyone: I have been studying the phenomenon that is the marks coil. In my little world there can only be two truths about it s operation, either it was
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      Hello everyone:
      I have been studying the phenomenon that is the marks coil. In my little world there can only be two truths about it's operation, either it was a great big hoax made to bilk investors out of money or it actually worked. If it had been a hoax there was technology that was worth some money just by itself. If the coil worked it appeared to be to simple to keep the public from building their own at home, which would have prevented him from making a profit.

      First off I believe that the Marks coil worked and have I studied the videos carefully. I have also made some observations that came from eye witness accounts and researching Marks back ground I have a background in electronics and have been converted from Quantum Mechanics to Aether Mechanics (a discussion for another time). In the following comments I will try to state my observations and why I feel they are important.

      The Marks coil (I.M.H.O) are energy conversion devices by means of transformer action by heterodyning a local magnetic disturbance with most likely the solar disturbance of either the Earths magnetic field or the Sun's radiation or even our own electrical grid. This may have been how other devices worked like the Moray tubes. Regardless of the source of primary energy and the conversion process involved, the recent designs of a Marks' coil I believe have not been true recreations of what have been seen on the videos. The important facts of the coil are 6 KHZ oscillations, DC output, heat build up, gyroscopic effects and diminished performance due to orientation of coil while running(watch carefully).

      The first most important observation is that the Mark's transformer is not constructed in a toroidal fashion. If we are to believe the videos it is made from two metal rings, an upper and lower separated by a dielectric (air or foam seen in a later video that is covered in vinyl). It is unclear if they are joined / separated by metal post in the center at 90 deg, but my guess is they are due to the solidness of the structure. As seen in one of the videos is the secondary appears wound around the lower ring. I believe there are four drive coils wrapped around wooden blocks that are held with electrical tape to the support post, these blocks are also long enough to act like table legs, but I don't believe the wire wraps around the metal support beams. Marks' assistant clamed that Marks used to be a TV repair guy, so the coils were probable wrapped like a TV yoke. I believe that in later designs the coils are placed underneath the two rings but are probable close to the metal supports if they exist.

      So what is the big deal and what difference dose it make? In a toroid the magnetic field is focused in the center of the structure and there is very little magnetic influence felt outside the core. For the device to have the greatest effect a confined magnetic field is undesirable when attempting to effect the environment(see Tesla's Colorado Notes and use of air cores). Also if the device was a Toroid the secondary would have to be wound around the primary for effective power transfer (or around both upper and lower rings).

      Concerning the primary remembering the statement of gyroscopic effects leads me to believe that it maybe configured as in a two phase induction motor ran by a single phase (see electric motors for more detail). Although the split coil per phase configuration would remain at 90deg there orientation of polarization maybe inverted, but would require investigation. The second reason I maintain that this type of primary configuration with wood / air cores was used is the statements of heat, DC voltage and frequency. The high frequency would make a solid / iron core less desirable. The heat and DC secondary voltage are common side effects of a closed core transformer being pulsed in one direction only. Since it would appear that the primary and secondary are perpendicular to each other, and the secondary is wrap around the lower ring, it maybe safe to assume the magnetic field is rotating around the rings (think of a compass placed in the center of the ring and it spinning around). The primary's could still be pulse sating DC and could produce this effect. (Side note: to stop the core from heating air gapping the rings might work just like regular air gapped transformers).

      Final comment, gyroscope effects are not common for motors without rotors, but in Aether Mechanics this effect could be manifested if the medium formed a vortex through the device like a tornado, while the agitating force was at a right angle like horizontal blades of a fan. If such a self sustaining condition occurred, a quick rotation of the device from horizontal to vertical would stop the immediate condition, but slowly build up in the new direction. I believe this is seen in the videos especially the one where he walking around with a light bulb and trying to keep the unit from getting to hot. This is also the reason I believed the device works. Lastly if you or anyone else demonstrate a free energy device, don't use light bulbs because the magic house sells fake bulbs all the time. Show me a glowing wirer or heating element so I know that energy is being consumed at a rapid rate.

      There is more, but this enough for now.
      let's discuss and best whishes
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