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  • jwdatwork
    Hola Folks! You know, over the years I ve met and been in contact with many, many, MANY people...some slam me or the way they perceive I do things....usually
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2011
      Hola Folks!

      You know, over the years I've met and been in contact with many, many, MANY people...some slam me or the way they perceive I do things....usually they are pissed because I won't post their material or support them.

      Don't have a clue why they think my opinion would help them, it won't, I never claimed to be some kind of guru or leader or any of that crap...just doing what I can with what I have and if people don't like it or don't agree or want to cause problems, MOVE ON!

      I tell them it is so easy to setup a free or paid website to post their papers, theories, ideas..it is also so easy to setup a free discussion list where they can post their stuff and foster dialogue with interested subscribers.

      Now what is most amazing to me...almost NO ONE of these types ever does this...I haven't figured out why, are they lazy or afraid of being tracked or not confident enough in their ideas or themselves?

      Not a clue but it is SO EASY to do if you really, really care for and believe in yourself and your ideas, WHY NOT create your own forums and draw people of the same mind to participate?

      Obviously, in my case, it should be VERY CLEAR that I care immensely for the things I do with Keelynet from the first day in 1988 up to now.

      Still amazes me to realize its been 1988-2011 now...thats 7 years as a BBS and in my 16th year on the net...23 years total!

      Yes, there have been some changes but the essence of KeelyNet continues and will as long as I'm alive and able to do it.

      My only regret is in all these years there has not been one single free energy or gravity control discovery which has made it to market to benefit the world.

      Lots of stories, lots of scams, lots of false leads and errors but the beef never showed up.

      And yet...still I believe we can extract/convert energy and force from ambient forms, magnetism, gravity, heat, solar, wind and the ultimate in my view is energy from the actual local aether/zpe field. See;



      Time waits for no person so we all die by inches. Intriguing that we shouldn't HAVE TO DIE since the body clearly can repair and replace dead, diseased or dying tissue with fresh, new tissue...

      Controlled apoptosis (cell death) to kill off and expel the rot, reverse osmosis to flush out all the toxins and non living materials and energizing the aura to cause the body to regrow strong, healthy tissue to essentially rejuvenate us back to 18-22 years of age.

      Interesting that the body begins to die at around 20 years, so that is the critical phase change for our bodies...and when we do learn to rejuvenate, where our bodies will recalibrate and reform, the physical age of 20 or so. I have 8 different techniques and legends about this that are just begging to be tested but no one will fund any of my plans or my lab attempt posted at;


      Anyway....my main point here was wondering why people who have pet theories or interests don't take the time and effort to host and maintain a forum on their own, instead of trying to get others to promote their ideas or to invade other spaces trolling for attention.

      The 'new' phenomenon is in fact called 'trolling' where some people participate SOLELY TO DISRUPT and cause mischief;

      01/27/11 - Fox 11 News report on Trolling Phenomenon
      Trolls intentionally stir up controversy. - Full Article Source



      Now I was born and raised in Texas and we all love jokes and 'funning' with people in a good natured way, but NEVER to cause them hurt, insult or injury just to be mean, evil or malicious.

      In the case of trolls, its the opposite, they want to create as much strife and discord as they can...it gives them some sick pleasure knowing with a few keystrokes they can strike a nerve in some people that gets them upset.

      I don't understand this need to goad and stir up trouble...I'm sure there is a psychological term for it.

      I think it has something to do with things missing in their own lives...friends, love, sex, depression, frustration, lack of advancement, lack of peer support/recognition, maybe drugs or alcohol addiction, wrong medication or too much, not enough of what they need to maintain some degree of acceptable control, etc..

      Not my field of interest, just speculating.

      Would make life so much easier if they would just focus and start their own forums where they could make mischief to their hearts desire...revel in it, wallow in it...but doubt they'd have many who would be attracted to it, no matter what the tease to get them to visit or subscribe in the first place.

      If its always negative crap, who wants to waste life on that???

      So I try to stay healthy...enjoy life, try new experiences when they present themselves (within reason)...do a little experiment now and then, read A LOT, email and communicate A LOT, be as consistent as I can in updating keelynet.com but I do neglect my other sites more than I should...often think of just killing them off but I like having them as backup on some things...

      In closing....it is so easy to setup a website, blog or discussion list, but you have to be regular in maintaining it and pay attention to keeping it interesting and above all, updated...ideally with positive information and ideas.

      And that is almost all my thoughts on the matter...time for lunch and La Cabana has excellent guisado de puerco (spiced pork tips)...30 pesos and an iced Pepsi for 40 total..thats like $3.50US and a 10 peso tip...can't beat it.

      So chill out, enjoy life, do as much good as you can while you can and hopefully someone out there will actually stumble on a working free energy or gravity control technique that works and can be replicated and put in use.

      Would love it to be me and associates working in my lab to (re)discover so many amazing things and put them to practical uses, but it really doesn't matter WHO does it, as long as its DONE...

      Nos vemos (seeya!)

      Jerry @ Keelynet in Mexico
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