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  • slavek krepelka
    Haya guys, It is all in the money flow. MrBubb is correct to state that reforestation is the way to go. This is beyond any doubt. The only detail missing is
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      Haya guys,

      It is all in the money flow.

      MrBubb is correct to state that reforestation is the way to go. This is
      beyond any doubt. The only detail missing is the reforestation mimicking
      the nature, i.e. mixed native cultures.

      The global warming is of course a periodic occurrence we humans do
      somewhat contribute, but our contribution is rather negligible and

      The carbon tax is a scheme to transfer money from richer countries to
      poorer countries. This will only allow the poorer countries to use the
      collected tax transferees to extend their imaginary assets, therefore to
      further extend their borrowing power, therefore to open themselves to
      even more exploitation and the bulk of the tax multiplied by the
      borrowing margin will drive them into even greater debt with the
      proceeds ending in reptilian coffers, while a smaller portion will end
      up in reptilian administration.

      Global warming, if any, shall contribute to:

      1) acceleration of algae growth in the oceans, which will contribute to
      temporary deposition of carbon in living algae and higher species like
      fish etc. and consequently in the fossils of all that in the form of
      calcium and magnesium carbonates.

      2) acceleration of plant growth of all kinds and swamping of the dry
      lands with consequent deposits of hydrocarbons seeping into the ground
      to eventually fossilize into crude oil.

      This is of course only the bulk of it, but hoax it is for certain.

      With kind regards, Slavek.

      Mr. Bubb wrote:
      > I didn't start the thread. I also didn't stutter. I said what I meant,
      > and I meant what I said. I'm also pretty sure you know who "they"
      > (collectively) is.
      > I happen to live in the country 'they' want money (carbon credits)
      > FROM, not one of the underdeveloped countries 'they' want to give the
      > money TO. This makes MY energy costs go up 3-4 times what it is now
      > because of socialistic foolishness. Then I read posts containing ideas
      > of putting carbon dioxide under ground. Why? To create yet another
      > regulatory segment of the environmental hygenics industry? It sure
      > isn't going to make a hoot of difference in the percentage of CO2 in
      > the atmosphere.
      > There was more CO2 emmitted into the atmosphere from all the planes
      > and limos flying & driving into that 190 member conference last month
      > than my whole family will emit in a lifetime. There's unmitigated
      > proof that scientists have been tampering with the data in order to
      > justify the scam. There are those who seem to be of the opinion that
      > some countries just have too much money and think it's their job to
      > spread the wealth around. This is about control, and nothing to do
      > with CO2. The CO2 is just a convenient excuse.
      > It's all bunk, and yes........I'm not happy about it. So I vented. So
      > what?
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