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Question of Pressure

need some help understanding fluid mechanics, first see pic included. The first pic is a stainless steel drum approximatley the size of a 55 gallon oil drum
May 21
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the need for water

Hola Gary et al! Dumas clearly has a lot of verifications of Daveys' claims using his version so good that you included it. I don't think Dumas version is as
Jerry Decker
May 5

the Hitler mystery

Hola Folks! ... http://www.businessinsider.com/this-is-the-last-known-photo-of-hitler-2015-5 I never believed Hitler was stupid enough to commit
Jerry Decker
May 5

Joule Box and SG gas

Hola Folks! Here are two websites worth checking out thanks to Patrick at the INE; Wow, this guy has it DOWN! Joule Box Portable Hydrogen Power Plant
Jerry Decker
May 4

disabling flash player updater

Hola Folk! A year or so ago I downloaded a free zip program called jzip. Never really used it but in the last few months my computer has been locking up when
Jerry Decker
Apr 28

squeezed vacuum state for teleporting

Hola Folks! New theory suggests way to teleport energy long distances http://phys.org/news/2014-01-theory-teleport-energy-distances.html ... In Star Trek they
Jerry Decker
Apr 27

flying man?

Hola Leo et al! ... Not sure what your photos are showing...looks like a guy flying around or a butterfly. Don't see anything remotely hinting at dimensions,
Jerry Decker
Apr 24
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Walmart Store closures due to DHS takeovers?

Hola Folks! Check this one out from Paul!!! Why Walmarts Are Closing; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS7Jl1dMIOY&sns=fb Walmart Directly Tied To DHS - Inside
Jerry Decker
Apr 22

Aussie underground city and big holes

Hola Norm et al! ... http://www.newsner.com/en/2015/04/a-photographer-found-a-hole-in-the-desert-but-whats-inside-has-stunned-the-whole-world/ Amazing they are
Jerry Decker
Apr 22

First person to live to 1,000

Hola Bill et al! ...
Jerry Decker
Apr 15

ball bearing motor and magnetic phenomena

Hola Norm! That was the year Chester from Gunsmoke was there promoting his ecohouse made from garbage...Dennis Weaver...big, tall guy with a tiny wife must
Jerry Decker
Apr 15

recent April news you might find of interest

Hola Folks! Here are some recent files w/commentary that you might find of interest. Many of these have videos as well; "The effect is only detected during the
Jerry Decker
Apr 14

Re: Too funny not to share! (From Bert)

Hola Norm et al! ... Knew I'd seen that many years ago...it shows 2008...still very funny and gets you to thinking about such things. He would have done fine
Jerry Decker
Apr 10

the Ford Dealers Report on milking disability

Hola Folks! You might have seen this going around; 04/09/15 - Ford Dealers Report (unproven) http://www.keelynet.com/news/040915a8.html seems like it explains
Jerry Decker
Apr 9

Re: Tewari Free Energy Device - November 6, 2014

Jer, Don't you just hate these "adds" with graphs and no 'real' details or explanation except general Casimir effects, vortex generalities, sea of energy,
Kenneth Carrigan
Apr 9
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