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heard of the wise generator yet?

Hola Folks! Have you received spam for the W.I.S.E. Generator yet? ...means 'whatever input steam engine'. I got a spam email from
Jerry Decker
1:35 AM

Flowing magnetism and Leedskalnin

Hola Folks! Check out how this idea of flowing magnetism so fits in with Leedskalnins claims of a magnetic current which he used to build Coral Castle;
Jerry Decker
Mar 24

Patent-Scott Redmond Quantum-Electrostatic Thruster

Hola Folks! Received an email about a personal flying machine patent, of course not built or tested as are most patents in our faulty patent office who should
Jerry Decker
Mar 23

Re: Two Real Scientists on "The Amazing Randi"

Hola Harold! 03/19/15 - Want A Million Bucks? Contact Randi Telepathically http://www.keelynet.com/news/031915z.html ... I'm a big fan of homeopathy and
Jerry Decker
Mar 19

George Wiseman on the Dumas Effect

Hola Folks! George Wiseman is an expert on HHO and has done many fascinating experiments, many documented at his www.eagle-research.com website. I sent him the
Jerry Decker
Mar 10
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Dumas Effect (low cost water heater )

Hola Ash! Thanks for the headsup about this device, I had not heard of it but knew about the original Davey sonic boiler. This device is almost exactly like
Jerry Decker
Mar 9

Re: EM train is just like this, just a different Geometry.

It will work till the source batteries amprage is depleted and then it will stop moving. Its just a different geometry of the below vid:
Mar 9

Re: Fwd: Fascinating!!! Proof of Perpetual Motion Machines dating b

Hola Moray et al! ... Hate to pop the bubble, but the company who promotes these types of perpetual motion videos use tricks to make them appear to work, but
Jerry Decker
Mar 8

Re: you must watch this electromagnet train

Hola Jerry, Found this youtube from Jean Naudin on the flat bifilar coil, which is exactly what the Power Innovator is.
Mar 7

Re: you must watch this electromagnet train [1 Attachment]

Hola Andreas! I'd like to see replications of the electronic train...it seems to work along the lines of Stefan Marninovs ball bearing motor. You also brought
Mar 7

Re: you must watch this electromagnet train [1 Attachment]

Hola Jerry, If the table was glass and I could see what is possibly under the table, I would have more confidence. It would be way too easy to put a strong
Mar 7

you must watch this electromagnet train

Hola Folks! Bob A. sent this amazing video link; "Pretty incredible and I can't see how this is a fake:" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9b0J29OzAU "You would
Jerry Decker
Mar 5
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Re: NEO Keshe based plasma reactor generator

Collected scientific papers of Meghnad Saha https://books.google.ca/books?id=PPsoAQAAMAAJMeghnad Saha, ‎Santimay Chatterjee - 1969 - ‎Snippet view Do a 
Leyland Burgess
Feb 28
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Re: NEO Keshe based plasma reactor generator

Hello all, I've been looking for some of the works of Meghnath Saha electromagnetic theory and thermal ionization theory.  It's said that Germany couldn't
Gary Sunderland
Feb 26

Re: NEO Keshe based plasma reactor generator

Hola Folks! I did a search on youtube and found this video where the guy is really pissed even though he hasn't bought one but is guessing as to what is
Feb 23
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