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2502Water is Fuel - Craig Westbrook

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  • Jerry Decker
    Jul 27, 2016
      Hola Folks!

      This video was posted February 8, 2011 and it is the first I've heard of it.  I think it was during the time I had serious health issues which were resolved in 2013.

      The inventor claims a specific RF frequency (reminescent of Kanzius burning seawater) and wave shape that dissociates water into its hydrogen and oxygen components at very high volumes.

      He claims it can produce from 20 psi up to 5,000 psi of hydrogen gas and is totally scalable.

      Water IS FUEL ~ Hydrogen @ 4 gallons per minute ~ 281-704-2046

      from water
      through excitement via
      rf signal
      3000 watt rf transmision
      Test of output TFC#1 Oxy Hydrogen torch
      Output was restricted by tip size .
      Cold production .
      Subsiquent testing delivered 5 gallons per minute at 3200 watts
      over 20 gallon per minute at 8000 watts
      TFC HHO REFINERIES by Craig Westbrook
      ~ U N I V E R S A L H Y D R O G E N ~

      One commenter replied;

      assuming your talking about USA gallon that 3.83 liters that suggest ~200 watts makes ~1.2 liters a minute . Most HHO project seem to be about 200 watts to make 1 liter of HHO and the 100% mark seems to be ~135 watts for 1 liter .

      So your looking like your getting better results than most .However my thoughts are the more I look into this HHO business the more I figure that Stanley Myer had the right solution .In the HHO we see many gizmo that produce some liters per minute with the average theme that they use some ~200 watts of power to give back some 1 liter off HHO  and then the HHO is injected in with carburetor or injectors . most all measures are liter per minute for these HHO devices .

      Stanley myer went the other direction. I think  he figured out how much HHO do you need for every single explosion in the cylinder  to replace the few grams of gasoline in the cylinder . As the gasoline enters in droplets much of it is wasted as the fuel hits the walls of engine or  the cylinder and the fuel  burns slowly.This means most gasoline is ejected out the tail pipe while still burning outside the engine. The  HHO is a fast burn fuel    so you can probably replace the gasoline with much less HHO gas compared to the wasteful gasoline . Gasoline fuel burns are reputedly in the low 20% and under with 17% seeming to be the most quoted ball park industry  number .

      As HHO is a fast burn and we can expect close to 100% burn rate so possibly we need less than ~1/5th the energy to match the gasoline fuel . formulas suggest we need 2200 liter of HHO to replace 1 lier gasoline in energy equivalent .Using 1/5th of this suggests ~440liters of HHO could replace the same 1 liter of fuel in gasoline IC engine If you want  You can work it out how much fuel in grams or parts of liter  you need for each explosion event in the  average 2800 6 pot IC engine at 3000 rpm typical for automatic  big car IC gasoline  engine doing steady 60MPH on the highway getting ~ 20MPG . Then you  figure out the HHO equivalent in energy and replace it .My results best I can figure is each individual explosion event in IC  cylinder  supplies about ~1 watt of power .

      The secret I think Stanley Myer had was he saw that making the HHO outside the engine was too much hard work .So instead to make all the  HHO outside the engine he chose to make the most of the  needed HHO gas in hundredths of second for each explosion event to supply 1 watt of power inside the cylinder head and maybe get some extra HHO outside the engine..The side effect from this is that when the HHO recombines it forms water and the heat makes steam. That extra steam  helps the explosion event push down the piston .He then i think saw that if he included extra water which was not made into HHO but carried into the combustion chamber as mist    this might create extra steam and extra power .

      So i  suspect  Stanley Myer did not do  any extra electronic gimmick  to make HHO at less than the ~200watts of power we often use to make HHO . I suspect  its more Stanley Myer  made it where it would return more energy back than we put in with cheating and using the steam side effect to do that  .My 2cents on the subject we should instead try to make the majority or all the  HHO inside the cylinder instead from outside the engine.

      Your logic with your device suggest miniaturize  it to fit inside the engine to get better results with IC engines  and dont bother to patent it  .first make it sell to your friend mother brother keep copies the sale document dates  etc From that  then put it out on the net worldwide  you will always have the right to ,make it even though the others out there will produce it the right to make it will be enough to make money and once the cat is out the bag no point to put you six feet under like Stanley Myers  .Good luck

      From the video;

      Craig Westbrook
      No electrolyte
      No KOH
      Tap Water
      3000 watt
      radio frequency
      hydrogen refineries

      "I am using both frequency and function to excite the water at the plates, achieving harmonic resonance to fracture the tap water without electrolyte. This demo was done at 3000 watts and is not the max output."

      "The demo is regulated by prssure just like a compressed bottle, only the compression is by production. The shown test was at 20 psi - we can run HLVP as well as 90 psi high pressure @ high volume. With the ability to split the gas H from O. Compression available from 0-5000psi!"

      "I have been demoing to manufacture a torch TFC#1. This design isn't limited to a torh, and can greatly exceed 5 gallon per minute. We have exceeded 20gpm with the design of the refinery."

      Billy Sexton - Gulf Coast Productions
      Suzanne DuBose - My Lawyer

      "He says not too shabby for a high school dropout, and said just kidding."

      "We are producing hydrogen at cold temperatures, under 100 degrees. This a refinery, its not just a fuel cell. I got blocking diodes to keep any back emf from going to it. This is running on 72volts, but could be could run on 120vac or up to 1000 volts. It is more efficient the more energy you put into it. It is exponentially more efficient."

      "This will run ideally at 180 degrees but PVC is only good up to 120 so I have to keep it cool right now.  It just needs 10-15 cubic feet per minute. It will power anything that burns fuel."

      H20 + EMF = Fire or h20/emf = e
      h1, h2, h3
      01, 02, 03

      "This is made out of off-the-shelf plumbing parts. Electronics are in a water bath to keep them cool. This is a test station. The orange tube is the working area.  The seperationsystem isn't shown for patent and design protection. They system has been reduced to 20" square and 20" tall. Investors needed now, we are ready to tool and manufacture."

      He suggests this system use the same material and design as use in car radiators to control the temperature.  With his design 105-110 degrees and other systems generate up to 200-300 degrees.

      Popups "Hi, I'm David Giliam", "Bob Jordan of Free Green Energy LLC natural gas co." and The Broker.

      Additional videos;

      From April 22, 2010

      ~ WATER FUEL ENGINE ~ - Tri-atomic fuel cells

      Filmed 2008 ~ Please e mail me to get on the mail list for PDF of business info , torch specs , etc . Thanks Everyone ! Craig Westbrook pinemontgo@... or gmail .Or just call 281-704-2046Craig Westbrook Water Fuel Technology pinemontgo@... HYDROGEN TRIATOMIC FUEL CELLS Stan Meyers Hot section production ~

      Don't believe the myth there is a water shortage, the politics of distribution cause issues, more than availability of fresh water, as well as lack of desalination facilities, it costs 70 cents per cubic meter to desalinate salt water.

      One gallon of water is 1,856 gallons of HHO gas.

      With electromagnetic fields, you can turn hydrogen into plasma.  Plasma that is magnetic. If you have a magnetic gas that is lighter than air,  you've basically got free energy. If you take this gas and put it in a tube, like a hula hoop or doughnut, it starts circulating.  If you wrap that tube with copper coils or aluminum, you will induce electricity.  The potential is there for endless amounts of free energy. 

      More Craig Westbrook videos;

      Seems Craig Westbrook found something

      I can't seem to find an update or any products for his method.


      Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (and more)

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