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  • Jerry Decker
    Jul 16, 2016
    Hola Sargento et al!

    fatal motorcycle crash shows spirit leaving the body


    It is a truly amazing photo...I ran it through several photo effects and don't find anything weird around it like hidden cables or supports or hoses...attached is an enlarged, brightened version clearly showing a human like form ascending which you can see in the video...amazing!

    The best thing about it is it gives us a bit more confidence that we go on in spirit form. I've always thought the aura was an attenuated meissner field because new cells are superconducting, so the less new cells, the less superconducting our body...meaning the aura weakens with age.

    The aura is the pattern for the body, like a magnetic field (information) that 'writes' the shape of our body. As it weakens, the signal isn't strong enough to keep our cells 'ordered' so we have failures, susceptibility to outside contaminants such as diseases, viruses, bacteria that lead to organ degradation and death.

    Once our aura is no longer strong enough to remain coupled to the living cells, it separates into the independent form we call a spirit or a ghost, weak but still ordered with our unique information.

    Of course once in spirit form, it has now become mostly energy, it is no longer affected by gravity, time or inertia so moves to another dimension.  With enough energy, a 'ghost' can be brought back temporarily including in periodic hauntings.


    I always liked Lyall Watsons Romeo Error as a compilation of near death experiences.


    An interesting discussion of our psychological and social attitudes toward death as well as past traditional and modern accounts of how the point of death is decided (despite modern technology there is still controversy). Fascinating and intriguing anecdotes and scientific studies relating to death in the human, animal and plant kingdoms. Dr. Watson delves into the biology of death in such an open minded way where many other scientists would not dare to consider or discuss in print.


    A new book called An Army in Heaven is about deathbed experiences;

    07/12/16 - Collected Death Experiences


    A registered nurse who worked in ICU for years and later went into hospice work has logged fascinating deathbed accounts, including glimpses of hell and Heaven and a vision of Jesus that is among the most compelling we have read in this realm of alleged mystical encounters.

    The nurse, Kelley Jankowski, a mother of six who lives in Maryland, kept a journal and took meticulous notes after listening to what those dying were telling her and has recorded them in a splendidly written, vivid, and credible book, An Army in Heaven -- consoling indeed!

    There are stories of the simple process of dying. There are the accounts of tremendous heavenly vistas. There are the sobering accounts of hell -- the most detailed we have seen; quite a job of amanuensis.

    As in other cases, a number of those at the threshold of death detailed the consoling presence of deceased loved ones. For our discernment. We are always cautious about any such spirits.

    But at the least, the immediate fruit was just that: a removal of fear from the dying, and for those looking on, consolation.


    So if nothing else, the photo should be a consolation that we will go on.

    Do you remember many years ago in our Alphabiotic days, a book was going around called War in Heaven...

    We were all talking about it at the time...it says the gods are all immortal alien spiritual beings who wait for humans to die so they can EAT OUR SOULS......

    that it was like cocaine to them so the souls who had the richest and most experiened lives were the tastiest and these gods would fight over the chance to eat that soul...

    thus war in heaven because it was continuous...always looking for a new high through discovery and consuming of life enriched souls.


    Well now. This raises an interesting point here. Why do you think that fresh fruit and vegies from the garden are so much better for you than processed junk? Hmmm? Do you think maybe the fact that it contains more live "theta" in it might have something to do with it?

    The whole game in this universe is, was and always will me creating something better than the other guy - getting more admiration for it. And when you go down scale then you create less and eventually try and just take over someone else's creation and make it your own - absorb it. There is a whole long tone scale involved in this.

    The game here is eating thetans - What do we do on this planet other than eat the bodies that other life forms have created? Everyone depends on it. And the fresher the body and the more alive it still is the healthier.

    One really needs to study the ACC (5th I think) about Universes. Don't get spooked by the idea of the Devil eating souls - we all do it.

    What's wrong with the guy who is into this thing and who wrote the e-book is that he can't see any alternatives to that. And so he's on a one way street to joining the Theocrats himself. He'll never win his war if he carries on the way he is. Never.

    You really can't eat other souls Leon. Its just astral bodies trying to usurp the energy in other astral forms within a certain strata of existence. If one has all of their attention units thoroughly trapped inside a soul or mind body and never recognizes self as self then maybe it is feasible. I don't think anyone on this board could be so hypnotized as to let him/herself be devoured by a hungry demon. I would definitely cause a kickass belly ache!:D


    Love this kind of weirdness...

    Jerry @ Keelynet y mas