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2438Re: Grebennikov and antigravity

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  • jwdatwork
    Mar 26, 2016
      Hola Folks!

      With regard to Grebennikov, here are two comments from the New Energy article;

      "it dawned upon me that we have a simplest electrolytic condenser with hemolymph (insects’ blood) as electrolyte and dielectric (chitin)!"

      "Grebennikov noticed it was impossible to fly the platform during rainy weather. Increased humidity shorts out electrostatics..."

      What if the insect blood and chitin dielectric, in ARRAYS produced a super strong negative field which would repel from the earth?

      Along the lines of;

      04/23/13 - Negative Electrical Flight and Weirdness http://www.keelynet.com/news/042313a.html

      12/09/15 - Controlling Field Density for Electrical Flight - 12/09/15;


      Jerry @ Keelynet y mas

      ---In KeelyNet_Interact@yahoogroups.com, <jdecker@...> wrote :

      Hola Madius et al!

      On 3/26/2016 12:58 PM, madius wrote:

      "there is a part of Grebennikov's book where he explain everything on his platform , this part was taken from the book and not published except for the first books, do you have any information on that part of the book?"

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