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2436Re: Grebennikov and antigravity

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  • jwdatwork
    Mar 26, 2016
      Hola Folks!

      Here is additional information on Grebennikov;

      The Hidden Science of Lost Civilisations: The Source Field Investigations
      By David Wilcock


      According to the New Energy Technologies article, Dr. Grebennikov sent a patent application to Russia with Professor V. Zolotarev for this stunning invention.  He got nothing but resistance from the scientific community. 

      A Russian newspaper published a prerelease of Grebennikov's book about his invention in 1992, complete with a photograph showing him levitating about two or three feet off the ground on his platform.

      New Information on Viktor Grebbenikov - Possible Vindication;

      An anti-gravity platform of V.S. Grebennikov;

      There are also a variety of close-up photographs of the platform itself.  A Russian magazine Technika Molodezhi, also published the photographs - and mentioned that he had publicly demonstrated the device at the Siberian Research Institute of Agriculture and Agricultural Chemistry. 

      His book was originally going to be five hundred pages, with four hundred color images, and the original newspaper article said he would give all the precise details of exactly how to build his device.

      He was then told by his publishers and editor that it was forbidden to publish this information - clearly suggesting they were warned by the Russian government not to release the data for matters of "national security."

      Two photos of Grebennikov in flight were left in the book since they had already leaked - but the page count dropped to just over three hundred, and he had to rewrite then the entire manuscript.

      in French;
      Investigations sur le Champ de conscience unitaire - PDF;
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