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2435Grebennikov and antigravity

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  • Jerry Decker
    Mar 26, 2016
      Hola Madius et al!

      On 3/26/2016 12:58 PM, madius wrote:

      "there is a part of Grebennikov's book where he explain everything on his platform , this part was taken from the book and not published except for the first books, do you have any information on that part of the book?"


      Sorry no...I never heard or read that claim before and would take it with a big block of salt as to being true....it was long ago (15 years now) but I recall when Grebennikov wrote me he said this was his first and only edition of this book...and gave me permission to translate and print in english if I wanted to...

      Where did you get this bit of information?  There are so many flakes and liars on the net who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame...who make up stories that have no basis in fact.  The ONLY part of the book, that is the only edition I am aware of, contained Chapter 5 which my friends paid $300 to have translated and let me post it at;

      The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects
      due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE);


      I have seen many faked videos claiming to have discovered the bug but some have no audio so the effects shown could easily be faked with compressed air off camera...or magnets or electrostatics.

      Антигравитация в надкрыльях (как у Гребенникова)
      Antigravity in elytra (as Grebennikov);

      Подкрылки Златки по следам Виктора Гребенникова
      Lockers Zlatko in the footsteps of Victor Grebennikov;

      Hovering Elytra;


      No one believed any of it and it took me a few weeks for everything to come together and in the case of Davidson, it took me 6 months to convince him there might be something there.  Now he runs with it like he found it and is closest to figuring it out.  Not a clue.

      Grebennikov's Flying Platform - Bio-Gravitics ;

      I have also seen wild stories that make no sense...I offered Greb $1000US to send me just two of the insect shells.  I don't even need the name of the bug.  We could first verify the shells do actually repel, use an electron microscope to determine unique geometry (star, triangle, tetrahedron?) and we know it is dielectric chitin, we should be able to duplicate the effect in sheets....based on claims in Chapter 5 (V) in the book;

      "How and why did I come to this discovery? In the summer of 1988, as I was examining under a microscope the chitin shells of insects, their pinnate (feathery) feelers, and the thinnest structure of butterflies' wings, I got interested in an amazingly rhythmical microstructure of one large insect detail.

      It was an extremely well-ordered composition, as though pressed on a complex machine according to special blueprints and calculations. As I saw it, the intricate sponginess was clearly not necessary either for the durability of the detail, or for its decoration. I had never observed anything like this unusual micro-ornament either in nature, in technology, or in art.

      Because its structure is three-dimensional, so far I have been unable to capture it in a drawing, or a photograph. Why does an insect need it? Besides, other than in flight, this structure at the bottom of the wing case is always hidden from the eye-no one would ever see it properly.

      Was it perhaps the wave beacon with "my" multiple cavernous structures effect? That truly lucky summer there were very many insects of this species, and I would capture them at night: neither before, nor after was I able to observe these insects.

      I put the small, concave chitin plate on the microscope shelf in order again to examine under strong magnification its strangely star-shaped cells. I again admired this masterpiece of nature, and almost purposelessly placed it on top of another, identical plate that had the same unusual cells on one of its sides.

      But no!-the detail broke loose from my tweezers; for a few seconds it hung suspended above the other plate on the microscope shelf, turned a few degrees clockwise, slid to the right, turned counterclockwise, swung, and only then abruptly fell on the desk.

      You can imagine what I felt at that moment... When I came to my senses, I tied a few panels with a wire-it wasn't an easy thing to do, and I only succeeded when I positioned them vertically. What I got was a multi-layered chitin block. I put it on the desk.

      Even a relatively large object-such as a paper tack-could not fall on it-something pushed it up and aside.

      When I attached the tack on top of the "block", I witnessed such incredible, impossible things (for example, the tack for a few moments was lost from sight) that I realized it was no beacon, but something else entirely.

      And again I got so excited that all the objects around me became foggy and shaky. It was with a huge effort that I managed to pull myself together in a couple of hours and continue working.

      So, this is how it started. Of course, much still remains to be understood, verified, and tested. I will certainly tell my readers about the finer details of my machine, about its propulsion principles, about distances, heights, speeds, equipment, and all the rest-but in my next book."
      I wrote him two letters in Russian and sent a thick packet of science articles that backed up the idea that there could be natural materials which could deflect gravity...as much of it as I could I had translated to Russian.

      I explained to him my theory that he used something like flat wood popsicle sticks on which he glued the concave shells, roughly 10 per stick all facing up like mini satellite dishes...these popsicle sticks were connected with a control rod which could be turned to cause them to open up like a japanese fan.

      The idea being that gravity is a pushing effect of the aether/zpe into matter...and it comes into the earth and all masses in lines like magnetic flux lines...the more lines you cross, the more reaction you get.

      When this japanese fan with all the concave shells are folded closed...they only block a few lines...but when you open it up, you cover more area, and thus block more lines to give you a controlled local gravity repulsion.

      I explained to him I thought he mounted 4 of these japanese fan 'blocks' as he calls them...one at each corner, underneath the platform.

      The control handles were like motorcycle handgrips, connected to the japanese fans...

      When you turn the handle on one side (right or left), it opens the two japanese fans in front....the other handle opens the two fans in back...

      You can open them a little bit to control your height or open all four of them all the way to achieve maximum lift with the maximum height of 1,000 feet based on his weight and the lifting capacity of the number of shells he had.

      Once in the air, to move forward, you partially close the two fans in front, which will cause the platform to tilt and move forward...you can tilt your weight to either side to go left or right, like riding a surfboard.

      Gebennikov wrote back and said that was exactly how it worked.

      So I would like to know where you chanced on the idea there was more than one version of his book and that the missing one contained full details about the platform.

      I have seen a few articles which had far more details which I thought came from his papers and magazine articles.   I have not collected those and I guess I should in order to add to what is posted on Keelynet.

      Here is it, some 15 years later and we are no further along in discovering which insect he was using or understanding the effect enough to duplicate it using other methods.  So much for the genius of humans.

      Maybe if we put all the known information on Grebennikovs story and whatever correlations or other antigrav and physics info we had into an artificial intelligence program, it might be able to extrapolate a testable hypothesis or two.

      I would like to know where you got the story about there being other versions of the book.  All I know of is one or two magazine articles that had what they claimed was Grebennikov explaining how his platform was controlled (which sounded bogus to me).  I'm not sure I copied the file when I was there.  Thanks!

      Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (and more)

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