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2432working Peru magrav units & E-Cat test completed

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  • Jerry Decker
    Mar 20, 2016
      Hola Leroy et al!

      On 3/20/2016 1:15 PM, LeRoy wrote:

      Successfulreplication of Keshe magrav units in Peru;


      Where are the youtubes showing in/out measurements, not just people talking about it...not enough, not enough......NOT ENOUGH...

      I'm aways hoping someone will break through but we never quite get it...keshe in my book is a huge liar and crook...why? Because he makes extraordinary claims that others cannot build, test and verify...

      Look at blacklight power?  How many years (decades) have they been hyping their theory, each time seeking yet another round of venture funding...but we never see them tested or being used.

      Even the Bloom box managed to make bigass versions to power Walmart, Amazon, UPS and more...

      If this new E-Cat test is real, its a big deal;

      Historic event: One-year 1 megawatt E-Cat trial completed;


      Earlier, some sources having visited the test plant told me that the COP, Coefficient of Performance, i.e. the ratio between output power and input power for control, was in the range 20—80, meaning that the heat plant was consuming

      12—50 kW while producing 1 MW

      —the average consumption of about 300 Western households, including electricity, space heating, water heating and air conditioning.

      I have also been told that the total amount of fuel—mostly harmless elements such as lithium, hydrogen and nickel, according to Andrea Rossi’s granted patent on the technology—was in the range of tens of grams. And supposedly the charge has never been changed during the year. On the other hand, after one year’s run, the reactors are now being recharged for further operation.

      All this might be confirmed by the third party institute, that has been controlling the heat plant 24/7 with video cameras.


      Jerry @ Keelynet y mas