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  • Jerry Decker
    Mar 6, 2016
      Hola Jeffrey et al!

      On 3/6/2016 12:23 AM, Wefightgravity wrote:

      "Hello Jerry, my name is Jeff Bivens and I have enjoyed keelynet.com for probably over twenty years.  Now I have something I can share with you. It is still a work in progress.

      I created the website http://www.wefightgravity.com to introduce the world to BIG Theory,

      and to serve as a project description for a  Kickstarter campaign to help me afford continued development.

      BIG Theory is short for - Bivens Inertial Gravity Theory
      . and much more. I hope you enjoy it!" - Jeffrey N. Bivens


      Yep, most people have too much on their plate with just living so have no time or interest in thinking about such boring things as free energy or gravity control or rejuvenation unless its in some glorified pop science article of evanescent existence.  So I am pleased you have more than a casual interest in this topic.  The more of us working on it, the sooner we will discover how to control gravity as the ancients did.  Doesn't matter WHO does it, just do it to help everyone on the earth.

      A brief set of correlations to my own theory;

      1) your DOP looks like a soliton or scalar (vectorless bubble in space) or Keelys Neutral center which roots all matter

      2) your MASS reminds me of Ivanovs Rhythmodynamics; http://www.keelynet.com/spider/b-100e.htm where phase conjugated waves can produce mass, thrust and inertia.  He even has a model boat driven by these phase conjugated waves...they look like the interference patterns from the Green Hornet tv show.







      3) your TIME is the influx of aether/zpe into the DOP neutral center form to produce the MASS of existence

      4) your INERTIA is also due to the influx of aether/zpe into mass and acts like velcro in that when not in motion, it resists movement, but as it moves, the velcro hooks begin to unhook and reduce resistance.

      5) your GRAVITY is also due to the influx of aether/zpe into mass to produce three effects, weight, the flow of time and the resistance of inertia.

      6) your MAGNETICS is the property of opposing duality in nature and is one of the many forms of aether/flux manifestation in the Aether Spectrum as at;

      The Neutral Center and the Aether Spectrum;

      Aether slowed down and extended yields

      Magnetism slowed down and extended yields
      Electricity slowed down and extended yields
      Light slowed down and extended yields
      Heat slowed down and extended yields
      Sound slowed down and extended yields
      Physical Vibration slowed down and extended yields Matter

      So I see correlations with all of your ideas with my Keely based theory of how the universe works. 

      Keely said 'Time is Gravity' meaning it is the Aether/zpe influx into the neutral centers of mass which produces gravity, the flow of time and the resistance of inertia.  And this is the theory I am using for my gravity dimming project on Indiegogo at;

      Learning to Dim Local Gravity;

      Speaking of which, Indiegogo is worldwide and if you sign for the 15% option, you receive any money as it comes in.  Otherwise for both Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you don't receive a penny until you achieve your stated goal. 

      If you don't achieve your goal, the whole thing dies and you get nothing...so please consider Indiegogo even if you have to pay about 15% of any donations, you'll at least get something!


      So if (WHEN) we learn to control this aether/zpe influx, we can adjust gravity to make it stronger or weaker with the corresponding effects of slowing or speeding up local time as well as the increase or decrease of inertia.

      So, by increasing the aether/zpe influx we get;

      1) more gravity, more weight
      2) faster local time
      3) increased inertia

      and by decreasing the aether/zpe influx we get;

      1) less gravity, less weight
      2) slower local time
      3) decreased inertia

      This fits with why time slows to almost nothing in space where gravity doesn't exist and shows us that other planets will each have their own gravity intensity, their own SPEED OF TIME and their own resistance due to inertia.

      Planetary gravity comparisons based on an earth weight of 200 pounds;


      Mercury - 75.6 - 38% of Earth’s
      Venus - 181.4 - 91% of Earth’s
      Earth - 100 - 100% of Earth’s (9.81 meters/second2)
      Mars - 75.4 - 38% of Earth’s
      Jupiter - 472.8 - 254% of Earth’s
      Saturn - 212.8 - 108% of Earth’s
      Uranus - 177.8 - 91% of Earth’s
      Neptune - 225 - 119% of Earth’s
      Pluto - 13.4 - Pluto: 8% of Earth’s


      Moon - 33.2 - 17% of Earth's (1/6th)
      The moon is 1/4 the size of Earth, so the moon's gravity is much less than the earth's gravity, 83.3% (or 5/6) less to be exact.


      The gravity on the Moon is about 17% what it is on the Earth.  So if you weigh 200 pounds on Earth, you will weigh 34 pounds on the Moon.
      So if the moon is 1/6th the gravity of earth, then we should live 6 times longer on the moon because time will move slower on the moon...6 times slower so if we lived to 70 on earth, we could live up to 420 years on the moon risking the reduction in bone density and other biological changes due to the reduction of gravity.

      Would Humans Born On Mars Grow Taller Than Earthlings?;

      Mars settlement-proponent Robert Zubrin has theorized that children born on other planets with lower gravity, like Mars, which has just one-third of Earth's gravitational pull would in fact grow taller by a few inches than they would have on Earth. While genes inherited from their parents wouldn't change, the spine could elongate more than on Earth. Fortunately, Martian kids born in a low-g environment wouldn't suffer from the muscle mass and boneproblems that long-flight astronauts do.

      If low-gravity-born humans tried to return to Earth. They'd experience three times their home gravity and could suffer serious bone problems. For example, one NASA scientist, Al Globus, gives an example of someone who weighs 160 pounds. If I went to a 3g planet, the equivalent of moving from Mars to Earth, I would weigh almost 500 pounds and would have great difficulty getting out of bed, Globus said. For children raised on the moon or Mars, attending college on Earth will be out of the question.


      The Strange, Deadly Effects Mars Would Have on Your Body;


      Mars gravity is less than earth so should also live longer on Mars.  Not a good idea because Mars has other serious problems;

      1) no magnetosphere so the atmosphere is continually sputtering out into space (great video);

      06/01/14 - Why Mars Died, and Earth Lived;

      2) Mars has way too much deuterium which reduces lifespan;

      06/17/12 - Did Martian deuterium burn out their civilization? ;

      11/24/14 - Ancient Martians wiped out by nuclear bomb-wielding aliens;


      In the UFO literature, the case of Billy Meier describes him making contact with an entity named Semjase...he asked her why the landing circles left by UFOs in remote parts, always take up to a year for the grasses and plants to stop growing in a circular pattern.

      Semjase says the three hemispheres under their ships (like the Adamski photos) are the antigravity emitters that produce a very strong CCW energy flow....this flow alters the DNA of the grass and plants that it penetrates, to cause the plants to take on a CCW swirling pattern which can last up to a year after which time, the CCW energy will dissipate and the earths gravity and magnetic fields will again reprogram the grass DNA to a vertical pattern.

      08/24/14 - Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes;

      Which correlates with claims of the Lung Gom Pa...the monks who go into a light trance which allows them to reduce their body weight so they can jump 50 or more feet at a time...they do this to travel more rapidly across the mountains of Tibet and are more like messenger or postmen to deliver messages and goods between the monasteries.

      Authoress Neel reports visiting one monastery where old men wore heavy chains...she asked why do you punish these old men...the monks laughed and said they were all old Lung Gom Pa who all their lives had used the trance technique to reduce their body weight..

      And that this had reprogrammed their cells to a constant reduced weight form so that even without the trance, they would bounce around like balloons and a strong wind would blow them away....

      So once they retire from practicing Lung Gom Pa, the must wear these chains for a period of time to allow their bodies to again come under the embrace of the earths gravity and magnetic vertical currents so their cells would once again have weight proportionate to their mass.

      11/25/12 - Levitating Monk - Is this Lung Gom Pa in Action? ;

      Their living cells, just like the UFO grass would again adapt to the current energy fields of natural gravity and magnetic field lines...and when that happens, they no longer need the chains.

      And in the USA, there is the mysterious case of 'The Floating Wonder';

      The man who defied Gravity;

      Years later, Richard Beck wrote of his experience:  "It  was in June 1884 that I went to bed quite normally, not dreaming that anything was wrong.   When  I woke up.  I felt  remarkably fit and was anxious to get out of bed and start the new day.  But  I  did not land on my  feet  beside  the  bed  -  as  I  had anticipated.  To my  utter astonishment, I remained in mid-air  -  FLOATING AROUND THE ROOM."

      "I realized that if anyone ever found out about this, I was going to be in big trouble.  Either  I would be regarded as a freak and carted off for all kinds of experiments, or people might  get  the idea that I had made a deal with the Devil to make myself float in mid-air!"

      He floated around towards his chest of drawers, dug out a  belt and to this fastened some lead  weights  he  used  for fishing.  With the belt fastened around his waist, he found that he could remain on the floor and move about normally.

      For several days,  the devastating discovery  worried  him  intensely,  but eventually, and perhaps inevitably, he soon got around  to  considering his fantastic discovery in an entirely new light.

      "Being able to  float  in the air might have all sorts of compensations.  I began to realize what a new world it would open up."

      Eventually, he decided to give up his job and make his fortune.  All he had to do was set himself up as a side-show - the people would flock to see the only man in the world who could FLOAT  without  artificial  aids,  and  the money would come rolling in!

      So Reynard Beck billed himself as "the Floating Wonder" and  became a side-show.  People DID  flock  to  him by the thousands - and all he did was SIT AND READ - but he sat FLOATING IN THE AIR while HE did so!

      But Beck did not just float when on exhibition.  Friends testified that, in his private life,  he  found  it  impossible to keep his feet on the ground without help.  To enable him to walk  around  NORMALLY,  he  wore  the belt weighted with several  pounds  of lead.  Obviously, he couldn't  walk  long distances with this  added  burden,  which was not helped by the voluminous overcoat he wore to conceal the weights.

      When he sat  down to eat, he strapped  or  tied  himself  into  his  chair, otherwise he would float to about ceiling height and JUST  HANG THERE until someone hauled him down.


      So it appears we can bio-levitate by somehow biasing our cells to not receive as much incoming aether/zpe to produce gravity and weight.

      Applying this biasing affect to mass should allow us to make anything exhibit reduced weight, even float.

      I would be very careful in going for antigravity because if a person or a mass were to suddenly loose all coupling to Earths gravity field, the earth would zip off into space at some 60,000mph, leaving you stuck in space with no air and that ain't good.

      Why we don't Want Anti-Gravity - just yet! - 04/22/14;

      (I'll be totally happy to be able to reduce weight by anything from 1% up to 99% max...)

      Was it a  trick?   For  years, every known method was used in an attempt to expose the Floating Wonder as the fraud everyone KNEW HE MUST BE.

      One investigator wrote: "Before the exhibition,  I  thoroughly searched the room, looking for wires, hydraulic ramps, hidden supports  -  anything that might prove a  clue  to the mystery.  I found NOTHING.  While Beck sat in a reclining position THREE FEET from the  floor.   I  beat  the air below and above him with a cane but met with no resistance.  I came,  with the utmost reluctance, to the  conclusion  that  he  WAS  FLOATING UNSUPPORTED in thin air."


      One final mention of bio-levitation while sleepwalking from Slavek Krepelkas study of the weight of his sleepwalking daughter over a period of one year.
      Towards the end of this page you will find Slaveks report.

      The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects
      due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE);

      Slaveks weight measurements;

      So having written all this which I include in my studies of the phenomenon of gravity control, I am certain some of the ancients controlled gravity at will but the science of it was lost in the murkiness of religion.  We read of it in legends and myths because for some reason people think just because you can fly, you must be a god...<lol>...

      There is one caveat to flying around using gravity reduction of the aether/zpe influx.  It is this very influx that creates matter, sustains matter and eventually dissociates matter back to its mirror imaged aether/zpe form.

      Meaning the more we use the weight reduced condition, the less 'corporeal' we become, so over time, we would die by virture of 'fading away'...<lol>...and that opens an entirely new can of worms.

      In the Meier UFO case mentioned above, Semjase said the three hemispheres under the bottom of the ship, are used to produce the intense CCW antigravity field and over time, like tires on a car, they will wear out because they begin to disintegrate by virtue of losing mass integrity with the outflow of the aether/zpe.

      Note scientists claim the Universe has a CCW rotation.

      Was the universe born spinning?;

      "Longo and a team of five undergraduate students catalogued the rotation direction of 15,158 spiral galaxies with data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. They found that galaxies have a preferred direction of rotation – there was an excess of left-handed, or counter-clockwise, rotating spiral galaxies in the part of the sky toward the north pole of the Milky Way. The effect extended beyond 600 million light-years away.

      The excess is small, about 7%, and Longo says that the chance that it could be a cosmic accident is something like one in a million. "If galaxies tend to spin in a certain direction, it means that the overall universe should have a rather large net angular momentum. Since angular momentum is conserved, it seems it [the universe] must have been "born" spinning."

      What impact would this have on the Big Bang and how the universe was born? Observers in our universe could never see outside of it, so we cannot directly tell if the universe is spinning, in principle, explains Longo.

      "But if we could show that our universe still retains the initial angular momentum within its galaxies, it would be evidence that our universe exists within some larger space and it was born spinning relative to other universes," he told physicsworld.com.

      "I picture the Big Bang as being born with spin, just like a proton or electron has spin. As the universe expanded, the initial angular momentum would be spread among the bits of matter that we call galaxies, so that the galaxies now tend to spin in a preferred direction," he explained.

      When asked if the preferred spin on a large scale could be induced by some other means, he agrees that, while it may be possible, a net universal spin would be simplest explanation and so probably the best-case scenario.

      Neta Bahcall, an astrophysicist at Princeton University in the US, feels that there is no solid evidence for a rotating universe. "The directional spin of spiral galaxies may be impacted by other local gravitational effects," she said. She believes that this could result in small correlations in spin rotation over distances less than about 200 Mpc – whereas the observable universe is about 14 Gpc in size."


      Again, I'm pleased you are interested enough to have evolved a theory. Now its a matter of coming up with a workable hypothesis to test your theory and I wish you luck. I plan to share whatever I discover so the entire world can benefit.

      No more secrecy and suppression of this type of world changing discoveries  solely for the benefit of invested interests wanting to limit freedom and impose control on everyone.

      I foresee the day everyone will have flying craft to travel anywhere on the planet rapidly and cheaply and have aether/zpe converters of various sizes to convert ambient aether/zpe to mechanical thrust OR to electricity, even to materializing anything we wish from a pre-derived pattern or template. 

      As well, a means of reversing the effects of aging to allow anyone to live in a young perfect body with no disease, infirmities or handicaps.  Much like in the movie 'Elysium' with the machine that reorganizes atoms, to rewrite all parts of the body.

      07/18/15 - Repairing 'bit-rotted' DNA?;

      08/13/13 - Could Humanity Really Build 'Elysium'?;

      'Elysium' Exclusive Clip;

      Elysium - Kruger's Facial Reconstruction;

      Squeezing out Toxins for Immortality - 12/12/15;

      Make me Young Again;

      Good luck! - Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (and more)