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2348solar cell inductor for power

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  • Jerry Decker
    Jan 14, 2016
      Hola Bear!

      Check out Pentagon Aliens, wow, wow, wow...lots of interesting weird
      science and a claimed solar cell with an inductor to produce power...

      you can download Pentagon Alien at; http://www.whale.to/b/lyne.pdf
      About Dr. Moore and his claims;

      A search finds this;

      "paid for the product in 2008 he has been 100% wrong since then a leach
      like the rest of these type of losers";


      He is making his money off his news letters, but he survives on giving
      good advice so investors will keep coming back. He is correct that the
      energy market is at a volatile time and he has an investment that can
      generate significant returns in such environments - either up or down.

      The challenge is to know timing and there are never any guarantees. That
      responsibility rests with you but I think even a jackass can make some
      money just following his advice!

      It may not be the 30x or 10x but maybe 2x, which is nothing to sneeze
      at. Is there risk here, probably some but the rewards can be very
      significant! Don't put all your money into one investment, but do put
      some in the high returns slot, which could make you a millionaire or better!

      Another commenter writes;

      This sounds like an my invention the plans for which were stolen from me
      in 1978. The thieves had a scientist in Michigan file a patent
      application in ten days.

      They only patented half the invention, an industrial process using
      hydrofluoric acid vapor in a vacuum chamber to carry dopants onto the
      silicone dioxide substrate, using the acid to etch the dopants into the
      sand crystals to create the P-N junction.

      They got the patent and sold it to ARCO and it was the leading solar
      voltaic process for 35 years. The second part of the process involved
      using the pure silicone dioxide sand (this part of my invention was not
      patented) from my six mining claims in the San Pedro Mountains. This was
      written about in my book, Pentagon Aliens (1999).

      The process involved placing the sand in a vacuum chamber in a vacuum
      and magnetic field and sintering the sand with microwaves.

      I sent a copy of Pentagon Aliens to the son of a woman in the Ukraine.
      The son was studying aeronautical technology at the University of
      Volgograd in Russia.

      (you can download Pentagon Alien at; http://www.whale.to/b/lyne.pdf - JWD)

      The Russian Academy of Science at Volgograd did the experiment I
      described and made a phenomenal announcement in late July, 2001. A block
      of the sand/material, after being created according to my plans,
      produced electromagnetic waves spontaneously.

      All one had to do to extract the energy was to place an inductor around
      the product and produce electrical energy. Nothing was mentioned about
      this momentous discovery after that 2001 announcement.

      9/11 occurred less than two months later. This idea had nothing to do
      with Einstein whatsoever. I was the inventor, but I didn't have any
      money to even file the patent application at the time or to prosecute
      the invention thieves.

      The only gratifying things about this theft was that it proved that my
      invention was valid. The thieves after selling the invention to ARCO
      placed the money on the stock market and lost it all on Black Monday
      (1986), as "poetic justice".
      Anonymous Monkey 12/4/15 - 8:38am

      It's hard for me to take Dr. Kent Moors seriously when he doesn't know
      that Si is an abbreviation for Silicon!
      I am an electrical engineer working in the Semiconductor industry and
      have never heard anyone pronounce Si as "sigh", except for Dr. Kent
      Moors. There is a Greek letter Ps that is pronounced as "sigh", Si is
      No credibility!
      Anonymous Monkey 12/7/15 - 2:08am

      Honors and empathy to you Sir William Lyne. I remember in 1974 I had
      completed the Hybrid vehicle and in 1976 I was robbed of 157 inventions
      no innovations. In 1978 I created solar voltaic paint at Veddor crossing
      in the Fraser Valley near Vancouver. Two kinds of course, one coat then
      a insulated capacitor section and the second kind for the next coat. I
      filling 2 car batteries and stepped it up x 4 so we could watch American
      Football on the satellite signal collector, not a dish shape. All this
      so I could watch the game for which my bookie placed a 4K bet for me. We
      won. And to the question, I think I will take a chance on the good
      Doctor and subscribe. I find this subject very interesting and like to
      see him have some of my money. After all I am richer than anyone here
      and wealthier than sin. LOL All people on earth make a better life off
      my inventions and those of my grandfathers back for 1400 years Scotland
      and Germany. We created the world you enjoy just the of stuff. All the
      bad stuff is invented by other families. Your lives are double the
      length because of my family. Good day kind Sir.
      Anonymous Monkey 12/11/15 - 3:16pm

      Don't fall for this "H-Arc Generator" (whatever the heck that is - if
      anything) scam. Just try to find out some hard facts about it - there
      aren't any. All that is "known" is what Moors has spouted off about it
      and the company that supposedly is going to make endless and countless
      dollars by selling the technology. If there is anything to it you better
      believe this one "tiny" company won't be the only one selling it or
      something equal or better. Whatever Moors' qualifications may be he is
      first and foremost a promoter looking out after his own good (profit). Josh
      Anonymous Monkey 12/17/15 - 1:14pm

      If this guy is so convinced of these ginormous financial gain, when why
      is he peddling his book / news letter? He should just follow his own
      advise and collect his 5,000% ROI (return on investment) I call
      'Bull-Crap' on this guy. I don't care about his credentials. I've met a
      lot of Ph.D.'s driving a taxi or serving me coffee.
      So I would be wary about investing in this guy venture.

      But it led me to some way cool new stuff in the Pentagon Aliens book!!!
      So thanks!

      Jerry @ Keelynet y mas (and more)

      On 1/14/2016 12:01 PM, Bear wrote:
      > For example, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the world’s richest man – the
      > man who once called solar “cute” – has done a complete 180 degree
      > turnaround and is investing BILLIONS into next-generation energy
      > technologies like solar.
      > Warren Buffett has already invested as much as $15 billion in solar and
      > wind power, and is set to double down.
      > “There’s another $15 billion ready to go,” says Buffett.
      > Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son and his partners plan to invest $20
      > billion on solar projects in India.
      > Russia’s richest man, oil oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, has shifted away
      > from his oil roots to invest a massive stake in Russia‘s solar
      > development near Siberia and Kazakhstan.
      > I could go on and on.
      > The richest, sharpest people on the planet are loading up.
      > I suggest you do the same.
      > This is no longer a question of “if.”
      > And it’s not a question of “when.”
      > Solar’s total domination of the energy markets is INEVITABLE, and the
      > time for action is NOW.
      > And at the center of this feeding frenzy sits one tiny company that
      > could deliver early investors 10, 15, 25, even 50 times their money.
      > Look: Since retiring from my career in counter-intelligence, I advise 29
      > world governments on energy matters.
      > I also happen to help a small group of people tap the global energy
      > markets for big investment wins.
      > In fact, I’ve led them to /hundreds/ of double-digit energy wins, and
      > _50 triple-digit energy scores_, including record-high gains of:
      > * 305% in 3½ months
      > * 421% in 12 weeks
      > * 239% in 4 months
      > * 367% in 21 months
      > * 279% in 18 months
      > * 300% in just 3 weeks
      > * 542% in 19 days
      > Let me repeat that: 542% in 19 days.
      > That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into over $54,000 in less than three
      > weeks.
      > But here’s the thing: As impressive as wins like these may be…
      > They’re /nothing/ compared to what you could make on the rush to solar
      > energy…
      > And while there will be numerous plays coming down the pike, you will
      > NEVER have another opportunity like you have today, right now.
      > You see, we are at the genesis of a whole new world order.
      > The very beginning!
      > With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to an extraordinary company.
      > It is, quite literally, the SPARK that put solar on the fast-track to
      > total domination of the global energy markets.
      > *If you could only own one solar company for the next 10 years, this
      > would be the one.*
      > There’s no doubt in my mind…
      > Remember, the energy sector is responsible for rare and exceptional
      > trades big enough to turn $1,000 into $1 million in a single transaction.
      > And while there are no guarantees, this “premier” solar company could be
      > the biggest win we’ve ever seen.
      > Not just in the energy sector, but in financial history.
      > Let me give you the facts…
      > *Own the Next Super-Major Energy Titan for Pennies on the Dollar!*
      > As I mentioned, solar cells have always been big, bulky, and INEFFICIENT.
      > In other words, they don’t capture much sunlight.
      > And of the sunlight they do capture, only a SMALL PERCENTAGE is
      > converted into usable energy.
      > Consequently, the cost of solar power has been extremely high, as much
      > as $76 per KWH.
      > The company I’m recommending today has taken solar cells to a whole new
      > level… helping bring the cost of solar power down by a stunning 99%.
      > And the way it works is amazing.
      > *In fact, their patented technology turns _grains of sand_, right off
      > the beach, into highly efficient, wafer-thin solar cells that deliver
      > dirt-cheap energy.*
      > That’s right. Sand contains tiny particles of a bluish metalloid called
      > “Si.”
      > Research physicists have determined that Si contains 14 electrons,
      > arranged in four different shells. This is a very unique molecular
      > structure.
      > In fact, Si is _completely different_ than any other element in the
      > entire universe, and IDEAL for converting sunlight into solar energy.
      > You see, Si is able to SHARE its four outer-shell electrons with other
      > atoms.
      > The sharing phenomenon creates a chain-reaction that CONVERTS sunlight
      > into usable energy.
      > It’s a complicated process, and this company has taken it to a whole new
      > level.
      > You see, in its raw form, Si is full of impurities…
      > These impurities inhibit the conversion process, making for expensive
      > energy, once as high as $76 per KWH.
      > That’s what makes this company’s patented technology such a remarkable
      > breakthrough.
      > During the process, very small particles of Si called “seeds” are
      > suspended in a cloud of gas.
      > Si in the gas attaches to other Si particles, forming larger and larger
      > beads.
      > These beads eventually drop out of the gas like rain…
      > The beads are then melted and formed into wafer-thin slices of 99.99%
      > pure Si…
      > The technology is 1,000% more efficient than the industry standard.
      > And the big thing: The cost…
      > Again, traditional solar cells delivered energy at a cost of $76 per KWH.
      > This company’s technology is so efficient, and creates such pure Si,
      > they are supplying a utility company with solar at *5 cents per KWH.*
      > That’s right. This company’s technology is so significant that utility
      > companies are throwing in the towel and buying solar power!

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