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Sincere Sikhs and Sarkari Sikhs

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  • B.S Goraya
    Sincere Sikhs and Sarkari Sikhs RAW/I.B super spy MK Dhar s recent book, OPEN SECRET- India s Intelligence unveiled has exposed the real face of some of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2005
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      Sincere Sikhs and Sarkari Sikhs
      RAW/I.B super spy MK Dhar's recent book, "OPEN SECRET-
      India's Intelligence unveiled" has exposed the real
      face of some of the Sikh leaders how they were in fact
      hand in glove with the secret agencies while outwardly
      they had a true Sikh or khalistani face. See
      This brings us to the million dollar question as to
      who is a sincere Sikh and who is a black sheep working
      against the interest of the community. How to
      diagnose such people, i.e how we know about them when
      they react to a particular situation. Some say this
      problem has been there right from the Gurus' days.
      Minas were first to develop clandestine relations with
      the state to work against the community. Even during
      Banda Bahadur's days Tatt Khalsa was branded as
      sarkari but subsequently they proved to be sincere.
      Tej Singh Lal Singh and Dogras acted as black sheep
      during the Sikh Raj. Many suggest that when this
      question is raised every now and then why should we
      not caution the people? Subject to the approval of
      the moderator of GLZ I invite our learned scholars to
      give their views on this burning issue and let me
      publish the same in the forthcoming issue of magazine
      Punjab Monitor. Our focus may not be necessorily
      politicians alone. We may include babas, writers etc.
      I think it would be proper if we don't insist on the
      identity of the participant. I think we can include
      (i) History
      (ii) Personalities identified
      (iii) and diagnostic tips.
      Best wishes

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