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More Children Save Punjab (Vaddh Bachey, Bache Punjab)

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  • B.S.Goraya
    More Children Save Punjab (Vaddh Bachey, Bache Punjab) http://www.facebook.com/save.punjab Growth rate of population of Punjabis is alarmingly low as compared
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2010
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      More Children Save Punjab (Vaddh Bachey, Bache Punjab)

      Growth rate of population of Punjabis is alarmingly low as compared to other states as a result of which migrations are fast taking place to Punjab. If the trend continues Punjabis will become a minority in their home in 32 years and slowly their Punjabi identity would also be lost. Sikhs were 2.3% of India's total population in 1961 now in 2001 they are 1.87% (Growth rates 2001 census per thousand after 10 years: Sikhs 182, Muslims, 364, Bihar 287) As a result of which about 25 lakh bhaiyyas have migrated to Punjab (2001 census 17 lakh.) The other harmful impact of the bhaiyya migration is that they insist on the preservation of their language and prefer to speak in Hindi while in Punjab. Which means Punjab's language and culture is also threatened. On the other hand it is clear from the various policies of the Centre (like promotion of Hindi language at the cost of Punjabi, great expansion of CBSE syllabi in Punjab schools and deliberate weakening of PSEd.B) that it wants to convert Punjab into a Hindi speaking state. Further the Punjabis can't buy immovable property in the neighbouring states of Himachal, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir while there is no such restriction in Punjab and any body is free to settle in Punjab shows the bias against Punjabis.)
      Under the family Planning programme we advertised "Go for quality not quantity". But the results have stunned us. We the Punjabis were first to comply with Govt suggestion on family planning and look the results we got:-
      1. According to 1951 census Punjab ranked 7th in terms of literacy now Punjab stands at 17th place in India while in terms of male literacy its rank is 26th (mind it twenty-sixth)
      2. Schools and colleges were always in deficit for Punjabis and now the situation is something like to carry coal to New Castle. About 30% students from other states are studying in Punjab colleges and universities.
      3. I personally found in a Gurdaspur college (Pharmacy) there were 55% students from other states.
      4. In the Punjab's technical colleges students from Punjab's rural colleges are not able to get admissions. Even according to Govt's own figures 3% students come from rural areas.
      5. Punjab led India in sports and now we are marginalized to insignificant role. Punjab contributed upto 58% soldiery now we r reduced to 1-2%.
      6. It is estimated earlier Punjab sent upto 30% in IAS/IFS/IPS and commission in Armed Forces now our contribution has come down to less than 5%
      So this is the quality we have produced?
      And we lost quality also.
      • Also 35% people of Punjab above the age of 40 years are suffering from hypertension today.
      We have had long deliberation on this. The best solution would have been change in the attitude/policy of the Centre. But they would not change their stand because what they feel any allowance to Punjab means earning of annoyance of other states. The Centre believes that if minorities are penalized the majority gets pleased. It is a question of power through votes and no Govt. would like to loose.
      Under these circumstance we are left with no alternative than to increase our growth rate to secure the future of our coming generations. Also our Guru has clearly and on more than one occasion commanded that a Sikh should submit to His will and that God's system provides food and other means of livelihood to every individual i.e if there is more children the nature will produce more food. (pehlo de te rijjak samaha. pichho de ten jant upaha) God under these circumstances bless the man intellect to find/discover/invent food. This fact has clearly been demonstrated in India. On Partition in 1947 India had a population of 32 crore while there were hungry mouths now the population stands at 120 crores but presently the hungry people are fewer (but they definitely are there).
      So it is the system of God which is working but when we become `wiser than God' we devise ways which suit our narrow outlook.
      So if the Punjabis have to survive they will have to bring their growth rate at par with other communities of India.
      Thus the best solution is asking Punjabis to produce naturally (neither more nor less) and stop employing birth control measures.
      Accordingly I am campaigning in schools and colleges making the students aware of the impending dangers. We extract promise from students that they will not commit sins of preventing birth of children (both girls and boys). By now I have addressed about 1500 schools and colleges in Amritsar and Gurdaspur districts and I am now touring in Ferozepur district. I am getting more than a tremendous response. I want your moral support on this issue. Also if you can contribute please supply me gurbani gutkas. (Japuji only; Priced Rs. 2 )
      I think we like minded people should have a group to discuss various dimensions of the issue. Please join this Facebook group.


      vadh bachey, bache punjab, sukh maape
      Nahi ta raaj Bhaiyyan hunda jaapey

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