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Congress-BJP India out to exterminate Minorities :Now Sarna recruited in Tout Army

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  • B.S.Goraya
    Congress-BJP India out to exterminate Minorities :Now Sarna recruited  in Tout Army The Sikhs played a monumental role in India’s freedom. Will any body
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2010

      Congress-BJP India out to exterminate Minorities :Now Sarna recruited  in Tout Army

      The Sikhs played a monumental role in India’s freedom. Will any body believe that this microscopic community which is less than 2% of Indian population contributed to the extent of 86% in freedom struggle? Of the total number of freedom fighters hanged 86% were Sikhs. You may call it stupidity or what ever you like but it is a harsh reality that one million Punjabis were killed at Partition/Freedom of India and Pakistan and about 10 millions were uprooted from their homes.

      If such people like Punjabis and especially the Sikhs are not treated justifiably in India and if I am right then I would say there is no harm saying ‘shame on this secularism’.

      This is my opinion I could be wrong but I am convinced that Congress-BJP India is out to exterminate Minorities. I am sorry to say that they don’t and perhaps can’t tolerate minorities.

      I once complained to a prominent Sikh leader of Congress in my personal talk. He agreed with my view saying that every party adopts tactics to come to power/remain in power. He said where ever a minority community is maltreated the majority community gets pleased and vote for the party blindly. He sited the example of elections of year 1985 after the  Sikhs were massacred in Delhi in Nov. 84. Indian people returned congress with the thumping record breaking majority. This is the sad saga of Indian secularism.

      I have been writing how they are playing with the faith called Sikhism. We all educated Sikhs can see through their game plan but can’t do any thing. We are helpless. There is a strong grip and control over the media. As for as Sikhism is concerned they are doing it from within. The Sikhs are brave community but there could be black sheep in any group and so are there among the Sikhs also. This is a well organized and knit community. They have a central authority called Akal Takhat at Amritsar. Every Sikh bows before the hukamnama or edict of the Takhat. Notwithstanding the fact that the Takhat has always supported India, it is an eye sore for the governments. They spare no effort to denigrate its authority.

      The latest incidence is where the ex- head of Takhat (Darsho Ragi) was bought by the intelligence agencies. It is rumoured that one of his kartoot (misdeed) was filmed 2-3  years ago.  It is also being told that he is under constant blackmail. He was then directed to speak against the noble personality of Guru Gobind Singh the Tenth Guru of Sikhs who scarified his everything for the sake of justice.

      Naturally he was summoned at Takhat. He defied the edict. He has since been excommunicated and the community is warned while dealing with him.

      For a man with public life like Darsho Ragi it is a sort of death because he obviously goes into isolation.

      But the Congress’s target is obviously not Darsho but the Akal Takhat.

      Interestingly the Govt has now opened its another trump card. The Delhi state has its own Sikh shrines management committy the DSGMC. It is headed by one Parmjit Singh Sarna. It has now proved that this Sarna has been a man of agencies that are out to carry forward the communal programme of the governments.

      Sarna who once spoke hot language like once he said, “Badal wich Beant Singh dir rooh aa gayi hai,” i.e he accepted that Beant was a villain of Sikhs. He even pulled up SGPC where its actions were not quite Sikhlike. He supported the Golden Palki for Gurdwara Nankana Sahib Pakistan. And many such actions.

      But sometimes ago he started projecting his ugly face of being the tout of anti-minority agency. He went on to honour the Punjab Kesri group people. The group who have been credited with ‘being the architect of communalism in Punjab.’ But one thought that is not quite harmful because it is not necessary that a bad man’s son would also be bad. People digested Sarna’s decision.

      He removed the final veil from his ugly tout face when sometimes ago he (Sarna) even invited KPS Gill the butcher in the marriage ceremony of his son.

      Now as a faithful soldier of the Tout Army he has challenged the decision of the Takhat to excommunicate Darsho Ragi alias nakli prof. Darshan Singh Ragi. But we are proud of the Delhi sangats who would teach Sarna a befitting lesson for supporting Darsho.

      But we can only feel sorry for the state of secularism of India.


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