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Sikhs Beware! understand the game plan of agencies: Case of Darsho Ragi

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  • BSGoraya
    Sikhs Beware! understand the game plan of agencies: Case of Darsho Ragi Bhaniarawala burns holy Guru Granth Sahib beerhs, Sirsawala imitates Amrit ceremony,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2009
      Sikhs Beware! understand the game plan of agencies: Case of Darsho Ragi
      Bhaniarawala burns holy Guru Granth Sahib beerhs, Sirsawala imitates Amrit ceremony, Sometimes it is Kala Afghana desecrating the holy Bani of Dasam, Sometimes Joginder Kohli of Spokesman does it, sometimes it is in the form of Nirankaris then in the form of Radha Soamis AND NOW IT IS IN THE FORM OF RAGI DARSHAN SINGH alias Darsho Ragi. All this is being done to reward you for the sacrifices of your grand fathers made for the liberation of this country called India. Mind it 86% of the total freedom fighter hanged by the British were Sikhs. All this is being done as a reward because we Sikhs chose India at the time of 1947 when we had options of either going to Pakistan or going for our separate state. Then we relied on the rosy promises of Congress leaders.
      Dear brothers and sisters! I have closely observed this phenomenon and found that it is all the game plan of secret Indian agencies and RSS and their whole scheme is to denigrate and demoralise Sikhs. I have found it is mostly the agents of Agencies who do it. I had written long ago that this Darsho Ragi is an agent of Indian agencies. I had similarly warned about Kala Afghana and his antecendents. Sirsa wala and other deras desecrate Sikhi because they get support of agencies since they are involved in criminal cases. Once they insult Sikhi Govt comes to their rescue.
      Often I observe the modus operandi of the two sides or parties in the initial stage and it is the agents who are active. One group insults Sikhi and the other highlights this act of beadbi in media. So in a way it is a game being played with our sentiments.
      Had this beadbi been a normal case the person who first hears beadbi would make a complaint to the concerned authorities rather than reproducing recordings of the beadbi. All Govts have laws to deal with such persons who hurt the feeling of religiounists. In India it is section 395 of Criminal Code. In the present case Darsho Ragi should have been prosected in UK itself where justice delivery is fast. But it was not done.
      Because of political conditions (once the august body) the SGPC is under indirect control of RSS. I say so because at times even SGPC becomes silent the example being April 2009 case when an RSS man (Rajiv Kumar) in the garb of a Sikh sat on the holiest of holy seat of Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) where prakash of Guru Granth is done. SGPC remained a silent spectator and its men shielded the culprit.
      In the present case of Darsho Ragi ( a pseudo- professor) who used highly objectionable language against Dasam Patshah. Some people highlighted this serious beadbi and others came to Darsho Ragi's rescue. I have closely observed both teams and find that men of both teams are agents of agencies or RSS. Now this Ragi Darsho is being heard at Akal Takhat. Mind it, there is not going to be any harm to Ragi Darsho because of the situation prevailing at SGPC. The case will be presented in a week manner.
      In the whole game plan target is Sikhism because it claims separate identity i.e it is independent of Brahimism. In a way on more than one occasion they have clearly threatened that either accept the hegemony of Brahminism or face this music. Even Mahatma Gandhi asked Sikhs to accept that Sikhism is part of Brahmism. He assured that once the Sikhs accept it he will see that Hinduism accords the status of Avatar of Vishnu on Guru Nanak i.e Brahmins will declare that Guru Nanak was the avatar or incarnation of Vishnu Bhagwan. (Obviosly the Sikh leaders rightly laughed at Gandhi then)
      In the past the governments found that Akal Takhat of Sikhs has a tremendous unifying power. As such this power has been the eye sore of the governments. They as such are hell bent to liquidate the concept of Akal Takhat. In the present case also you will find that it is an attempt to lower the prestige of your pious Takhat.
      But these fools don't know that our Guru is great. They don't know that in the past also many attempts were made to liquidate this unique humanitarian concept of Guru Baba Nanak. They don't know that with every incidence Sikhism grew stronger.
      What in my opinion the devoted Sikhs should do:-
      1. Just ignore the machanisations of the agencies.
      2. Always keep in mind the guru's nindaks and keep them punishing according to Sikh practices as and when the opportune time comes.
      3. The Sikh diaspora should behave responsibly. Instead of inner fightings focus on creating a world opinion. They should for example set up museums at London and Washington telling the world what Sikhism is and how its message is humanitarian. The diaspora should act like the Jews diaspora did.
      4. Remain cautious of the agents especially the ones who are presented on Indian TV channels. Mind it no Sikh preacher who adheres to the Guru's concept of separate identity is given exposure on TVs. Remain alerted on the presence of RSS agents. Mind it there have been black sheep in every herd and they are there among the Sikhs also. Remain cautious of them these tukkarboach can do any thing. Especially the communists in the garb of a Sikh.
      5. I wish I am proved wrong in future but I am scared that in future such deeds will be done by preachers like Ragi Chaman Lal Singh, Pinderpal Singh Katha wachak and Ranjit Singh Dhadhrianwale. (These preachers can put the record straight and remove apprehensions from the minds of Sikhs by declaring as to what are their respective opinions and stands on the separate indentity of Sikhs)
      Guru always comes to the rescue of Sikhs.
      Victory to the God almighty. The truth wins in the long run.
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