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What is a Gutka- asks a 10th std student

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    What is a Gutka- asks a 10th std student I appealed to Sikhs to supply me Gurbani Gutkas so that I can distribute them among the poor students. Only Mr.
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      What is a Gutka- asks a 10th std student
      I appealed to Sikhs to supply me Gurbani Gutkas so that I can distribute them among the poor students. Only Mr. T.S.Maini s/o S. Jivtesh Singh Maini IAS (presently resident of Singapore) complied with my request and delivered me so for about 2000 Gurbani Gutkas in two installments.
      When I go to schools I ask the assembly of students that I will give gutkas to such students who give me promise that they would do paath and my joy knows no bounds when I see that about 20% students (girls majority) undertake to start nitnem. I have realised that potential of prachar the preaching is more than we normally estimate. The fact is in villages the soil is duly and fully ploughed and ready. Only you need to spread and sow the seed. Remember if you don't sow it some one else will do.
      It is only in actual field you know the stark realities of life. After I address the students (mostly of senior secondary schools) I make the announcement that students can buy the 104 page book of Sikh shrines in Pakistan for Rs 5 and a CD of my full lecture plus gurbanis such as Sukhmani Asa di war et all for Rs. 15 while the Gurbani Gutkas are free. On day after my announcement a girl from an Amritsar school came to my counter and bought the book on Sikh shrines in Pakistan. Then she said, "Babaji you were telling there is something free also, what is that?" I said Gurbani Gutkas are free. The girl asked, "What is that?" I explained her and asked which class she studied in and what was her name. She replied she is in X std and her name is Mindo. I had no courage to confirm what her religion was. I knew Mindo is a short of Mohinder. But it surprising the girls nick name was her real school name. God bless her.
      My Endeavour to get supply of Gutkas continues. I also applied to SGPC president to supply me Gutkas but they have taken no action on my application. They were (S. Manjit Singh PA to President) rather asking me to supply the names of schools where there is potential for prachaar. They said they will do themselves. But I have no hope from SGPC. Some one has suggested me to approach S. Parmjit Singh Sarna president of Delhi Gurdwara Committee which I will do when I happen to go to Delhi.
      Here I will especially note the concern of Sikh ladies on prachar. The lady teachers of Sekhwan School near Batala led by Harjinder Kaur there and then donated Rs. 1300 for supply of Gutkas. And promised me I can get this amount every 2-3 months. Surinder Pal Singh of Kahnuwan and Raghbir Singh of Kala Bala also donated amounts.
      May Guru bless my suppliers.
      Chief Servant: Sangat Langha Kartarpur 60, Diamond Avenue, Majitha Road, Amritsar
      Tel: 9417064262, 0183-2421915
      Email : bsgoraya@...
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