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Re: [IHRO] Re: [issuesonline_worldwide] RSS reveals faces of touts

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  • B.S.Goraya
    SSA to all A sajjan whose name also figures in the RSS invitees list has also telephoned me and criticized me for forwarding this irresponsible mail . I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009

      SSA to all

      A sajjan whose name also figures in the RSS invitees' list  has also telephoned me and criticized me for forwarding this 'irresponsible mail'. I explained to him that I don't know the sender but I am convinced of the content and then only I have forwarded. He said what if he wrote a similar mail including my name in such a list. I told him that I will then explain my position on 'net and will not cultivate any grudge against him.  He said, "Who will like to give publicity to a small fry like you."

      In Dec 1996, when I was in ESIC services we had 2 day all India ESIC officers conference in Delhi where representatives were also to be elected. There were two group; X-Sharma's group and 'Y'. A south Indian officers  group (name forgotten). I was sympathizer of Y group. But on a certain occasion an officer who belonged to X's group passed remarks about me that I was X's man. I became a suspect among Y people. But soon God sent an opportunity to me. I was invited on stage to express my views on election. I then thoroughly exposed the 'kartoots' of X group who then shouted against me to 'shut up'. I explained them I how I was their own man but the facts were facts.

      Ultimately Y won.

      But my sajjan needs no invitation on internet to write

      I believe if a writer can't defend himself in such a situation he deserved to be suspected.



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      From: Singh <lsingh4@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, 31 May, 2009 19:36:45
      Subject: Re: [IHRO] Re: [issuesonline_worldwide] RSS reveals faces of touts

      Bs Goraya claims to be a journalist. Can he reveal his information about
      the members he is listing as RSS members.

      Most of the members are those who are writing against the misinformation
      compaign of a nastik lobby against Dasam Granth. Most of us know
      who is the invisible source behind this propaganda. May be BS Goraya
      himself is one of them.

      Inder singh

      From: B.S.Goraya <kartarpursahib@ yahoo.co. uk>
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      Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2009 9:55:03 PM
      Subject: [IHRO] Re: [issuesonline_ worldwide] RSS reveals faces of touts

      I am sure S. Kumar is not only an aged scholar he is living in past too. What he has said holds true of the Sikhs in past,  not present. To that extent he is right Sikhs were India's patriots of the first order. Of the total freedom fighter hanged by the British 86% were Sikhs. Coming to the Sikhs as India's frontier defenders is again a bygone fact. India Govt no longer considers Sikhs merit as frontier defenders. Look Kumar sahib! when India attains freedom roughly 30% of the Indian army were Sikhs. Now the Govt says they can't be recruited more than their share in population i.e about 1%. We Sikhs are protesting on this. Why this should happen in secular India where merit is supposed to be sole criterion for recruitment? Why this question of proportionate recruitment? Can we then say that Brahmins should also be recruited in proportionate of their population share? They are roughly 2-3%  but about 18% are manning the IAS and IFS like plum posts.

      Coming to the Sikhs contribution in economy, here again u appear to be wrong as the Govt doesn't want their economic contribution to the country they madly loved and defended. Facts speak themselves:

      The Central Govt has accorded tax holiday to the industries that come up in the neighbourhood of Punjab namely Himachal Pardesh, Uttrakhand & J&K. For 15 years there is no tax: Income tax, sales tax, free land, electricity at highly subsidized rates. Can a Sikhs industry flourish in the neighbourhood Punjab?

      You yourself have rightly ignored the Sikhs contribution to food grains. Perhaps you don't know this little Sikh Punjab's contribution in the India's food grain store is  roughly 80%. But the Govt doesn't want the Sikhs to buy land in J&K, Himachal, Uttrachal and Rajasthan. Why?

      On the other hand our river water has also been snatched away. We would not mind if it is taken away for drinking purposes in the neighbourly states. It is done under an unproductive approach for irrigation. Because you know a lot of water is lost when it is carried through canal to long distances. The water which has been taken away would have proved more productive here in Punjab. Our farmers say, 'Daryavan vall dhyan de; Harhan wele Punjab de, Soke wele Haryana Rajsthan de' i.e pay attention to the river waters they belong to Punjab when they give floods and when it is drought they belong to Haryana and Rajasthan: A gross violation of Riparian Principle.

      But sir, Guru Nanak 's faith prohibits us talking in terms of Hindus and Muslims. We love both. Our love is humanity. Awal allah noor upaya kudrat ke sabh bandey.

      We protest at this injustice and thus  invite your wrath to call us traitor Sikhs.




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      From: S kumar <kumar_8134@yahoo. com>
      Subject: Re: [issuesonline_ worldwide] RSS reveals faces of touts

      Read how this traitor Sikh attempts to drive a wedge between Hindu-s and Sikhs by such imaginary RSS control of the intelligence agencies of India and how Sikhs are tortured..etc. WITHOUT ANY TRUTH IN IT!!
      Ignore such postings as Sikhs are an integral part of the Country contributing not only to the economy but as a mightly defence barrier protecting India from Muslim marauders

      --- On Sat, 5/30/09, B.S.Goraya <kartarpursahib@ yahoo.co. uk> wrote:

      From: B.S.Goraya <kartarpursahib@ yahoo.co. uk>
      Subject: [issuesonline_ worldwide] RSS reveals faces of touts
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      Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009, 2:31 PM

      RSS reveals faces of touts
      The Sikh India story from roughly
      1980 to 1993 is the the tale of Punjabi militancy. After storming of Golden
      Temple in 1984 the then Home Secretary rightly remarked, "We have broken
      the backbone of Sikhs." Obviously when a nation is subdued some of its
      black sheep would rush to the new ruler to show that they have ever been faithful
      to him. Obviously a winner nation would endeavour to ensure that the chances of future mutiny are fully eliminated.
      The armed war follows propaganda war and India rightly launched it in time.
      MKDhar a former joint director of
      Intelligence Bureau has in his book
      revealed that India's IB and RAW are
      motivated by the RSS philosophy. We therefore believe that agencies and RSS are
      hand in glove in clandestine actions. So come propaganda war on Sikhs and we
      believe RSS heads it. In this war (1) media and journalits are first target
      followed by (2) writers and (3) religious preachers and (4) politicians. I
      repeatedly write on this issue because I
      too have felt it. I protest on this
      because India being a secular country should not interfere in religious matters
      of any faith. The way secret agencies and RSS are playing with Sikh sentiments can give rise to any ugly event at any time. I
      regret how the Govt has almost given a free hand to them to go to any extent in
      hurting the religious feelings of Sikhs. Only a fortnight before the recent parliamentary
      elections an RSS man climbed the platform at Golden Temple where Sikh holy book
      is installed and the security men sheilded him from Sikh devotees.
      On internet the propaganda drama is at its climax. Two teams enact
      this dubious play. 'A team' is represented by the naastik or atheist kind of
      scholars who will discover any doubtful event or case of Sikh history or
      religion and would project and churn it
      to the maximum extent then 'B team 'would defend the tradition. Govt or the RSS
      obviously supports both the teams. B
      team obviously gets the hero's status among Sikhs. In last 5-6 years about a
      dozen various issues were raised to
      demoralise the Sikhs. The foremost being 'Dasam Granth' and 'Kala Afghana' ones.
      While Kala Afghana issue stands
      buried after the dubious writer withdrew from A Team, B team claims victory for
      it. Perhaps RSS thinks it should get credibility for for the work of B Team. It
      has surprised every body after RSS has recently exposed some members as its
      own. People like us regret RSS has
      exposed only 'Low Priced' stock which were available at a throw away rate. We
      hope it will also reveal high priced team.
      Interestingly some one Gurdev Singh Sidhu gurdevsinghsidhu@ yahoo.comhas reported on a
      yahoogroup ihro that the Sikh wing of RSS the Hindu militant organisation in
      its Nagpur meeting has conferred status of permanent invitees on certain Sikhs (B
      team). It further declared that RSS would even like to honour certain
      individuals publicly. The Punjabi email has following names.
      1. Pritam Singh Bhatia, Faridabad
      2. Giani Kulwinder Singh
      3. Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba
      4. Dr.Gurdip Singh Jagbir, Punjab Radio, London
      5. Dr. Harpal Singh Pannu, Patiala University
      6. Dr. Jodh Singh, Patiala University
      7. Prof. Harbhajan Singh Dehradoon
      8. Ratinder Singh Indore (he is head of the team that publishes 'Panthic weekly' on internet)
      9. Kashmir Singh Patiala University
      10. Guriqbal Singh Mata
      Kaulan Taksal (Religious preacher)
      11. Harbans Singh
      Jagadhari (Religious preacher)
      12. Giani Pooran Singh,
      (ex Jathedar Akal Takhat)
      13. Sant Hari Singh Zira
      14. Prof. Davinder Singh
      Jammu (writer)
      15. Prof. Davinder Singh
      Mohali (writer)
      16. ADS Mangat Canada (we
      daily receive propaganda mails from him. Usually it is the news clippings)
      17. Inder Singh (Has been
      too much active on internet)
      I know some of the above members have even exposed on internet it surprises
      me when the RSS owns them.
      You talk to these people and you
      will find that they are such a stuff who can boast of befooling even the
      almighty God. In their heart of heart they feel they are befooling even the RSS
      i.e they consider themselves as super minds.
      But they can tolerate the defiling
      of the fair name of the Guru. I have the case of Panthik Weekly www.panthic. org before me whose target is scattered overseas
      Sikhs. Interestingly it doesn't fail where the other media has failed. At times you out rightly feel it is mouth
      piece of RSS. RSS stage manages some incidences to demoralise Sikhs and Panthic
      weekly reports them to Sikhs. I protest against the agencies who hurt the Sikh
      feelings through these touts.
      Finally take it from me that the bravest of people can have some most
      coward stock also when the nation is demoralised i.e now you find some of the
      most coward people you will not otherwise find even with the known meek nations.
      But my these friends challenge the Guru's advice that fate is pre-determined.
      They think they are masters of their fate. Obviously the clever person thinks
      that it is his intelligence through which he is enjoying life which in fact is
      A member has also protested at this disclosure and says it is an attempt
      to malign their fair names. We ask him, ' par tussi RSS di meeting wich
      varheva lain gaye see.' We learn
      your photo attending the Mehrauli session also exists.
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