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Godse, Gandhi, Moneylenders & BJP

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  • Ravinder Sekhon
    Godse, Gandhi, Moneylenders & BJP While reading few important messages about Gandhi, Godse, Modi, Meghnad Desai and 15 point agenda for BJP by Kalyan97, I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2008
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      Godse, Gandhi, Moneylenders & BJP
      While reading few important messages about Gandhi, Godse, Modi, Meghnad Desai and 15 point agenda for BJP by Kalyan97, I found none talk of role of moneylenders and commission agents in exploiting India for centuries. No one talk of rewarding skills of people and caste system of Hindus remain as strong as ever. We have political parties representing upper castes or lower castes but all get funding from moneylenders and traders.
      Godse was very elaborate in describing the rising influence of Islam but didn’t mention a word about the traders who funded and acted as agents of foreign invaders who in return offered patronize them and protected them.
      Industrial revolution in capitalist countries favored men with skills and enterprise and in communist Russia and China rulers, moneylenders and traders were “Destroyed” systematically but they continue to exploit India even with greater resolve. Russian economy was managed by engineers and scientist. At least for 50 years Russians matched Western countries in space science, infrastructure development and military equipments. China under Mao adopted unscientific way to develop economy by directing unskilled to attain targets without technology & resources. Since the departure of Mao growth and progress of China is fastest in the world. In 1990 India and China were equal in GDP but China is now three times in GDP and over 128 times in Advanced Technology Products and just about equal to USA already.
      Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Hilton earned money without government patronage and support using their skills productively by engaging people who translated their masters skills in to profitable products. They left behind or pledged most their wealth for Charities.
      Abdali and Babber invaded India because they knew few Moneylenders and Traders along with Temples own huge treasures that they can take away without much resistance. Europeans also came here for the same reasons. First persons to greet successful invaders with offerings were moneylenders cum traders. Invariable moneylenders cum traders provided intelligence to invaders and funded their military operations. Had the money with Indians spread more evenly invaders wouldn’t have attacked India or would have faced very strong resistance and losses.
      Going by the size of Abdali and Babber armies they would never have attacked India had treasures of India more evenly spread and impossible to acquire.
      Lenin and Mao knew moneylenders and traders funded foreign invaders and exploited people without contributing much to the economy. They from experience also knew they will fund rebellions against them so they were destroyed ruthlessly systematically and completely. Every member of Czar was executed.
      Under Arya Samaj influence Godse wanted unity of Hindus is given in statement “I used publicly to take part in organized anti-caste dinners which thousands of Hindus, Brahmins, Vaishyas, Kshatriyas, Chamars and Bhangis participated.”
      Islam spread to all parts of the world though like most religions preached equality but Islam was different it prohibited “Interest Charges on Loans”. Founders of Islam wanted to get rid of all moneylenders from society and Zero interest would put them out of business.
      For centuries reformers have failed to undo the caste divisions in Indian Society but in recent times people were divided on religious lines by political parties but human bond still hold them together in spite of provocations.
      I remember as a five year old in 1960 my mother went to her brother’s farm on Nepal border in night trains. Always mainline train would not connect meter gauge train at Bareilly junction. My mother wearing gold with her two sons age five and three at five in the winter dark morning used to hire rickshaw operated by Muslims that would take to next meter gauge station stop. There were no policemen those days but there was no fear and rickshaw pullers were licensed -passengers trusted them completely. The entire state of UP is unsafe even in day time these days.
      During visit to USA in 1986 I found banks charged only 6% interest. Even to buy household items of $10, less than hourly wage rate of average American, payment options were available to pay in six monthly installments.
      A NRI bought a new car and the agents also made him sign a new Car Insurance Policy without disclosing he already had a CIP. When demand letters of monthly installments for two policies came ($1400 (annually) he was concerned, the agent who executed the documents tried to mislead him. Next day his brother went with two policies to his other company that issued a new policy for say $650. Thereafter he went to cancel the two CIP and first agent offered to execute new CIP for $500.
      It is a shame when Manmohan Singh as also Yashwant Sinha & P. Chdambaram as finance ministers clearly know 75% of Indian farmers take loans from moneylenders at 40% to 120% rate of interest but none has come forward to SWAP moneylender loans for Bank Loans at 7% interest or even 4% interest.
      Swap of moneylender loans of Rs.2 lac crores or $50b would boost rural economy directly that has highest value additions. Moneylenders could invest in so many listed companies or start their own industries.
      A simple procedure can be introduced. Banks will issue Coupons to buy fertilizers, seeds, inputs etc and buyers of the crop FCI and Food Processors will transfer the money due in banks in the name of farmers. Why can’t GOI do this simply thing?
      All the banks were privatized by well regulated and genuinely competed for business. Rich and poor eat same quality & quantity of food. Bill Gates during China visit was munching Pringles Snacks and Diet Coke like most Americans.
      Banks in India privatized or state owned promote unqualified promoters and are corrupt.
      Unashamedly Anil Ambani managed to execute RPL IPO subscribed and taking Rs.90,000 crores worth equity in around Rs.1,20,000 crores company valued at IPO rate. Anil Ambani didn’t disclose it had been convicted in Call Re-routing case, caught stealing power for its Corporate Headquarter called Dhirubhai Knowledge Center .
      Public money instead of going to promote qualified and professionals goes after congenital crooks.
      Godse and his supporting organizations forget that all Muslims in India were Hindus, some percentage forcibly converted alright but they all embraced Islam completely as a better option than treated as second grade Hindus.
      “Economic Differences” in Hindu Society were caused by Moneylenders & Traders who exploited the poor and lower castes who were enriched illegally, with the aid of foreign rulers, nawabs and rajas now with state support.
      Godse & Gandhi lived in dalit bastis was not the way to uplift them. We had to stop their exploitation by removing moneylenders and traders who contribute nothing to the economy.
      When farmers will get 60% of price paid by consumers farming sector will double food production in no time. Income of all the poor shall more than double.
      How can we explain giving farm land to Mukesh Ambani for SEZs purchased from farmers at Rs.2 lac per acre and displacing them when he is building a residential building taller than Qutab Minar with helipads that may cost Rs.2000 crores to Rs.5000 crores?
      GOI must go after criminals corporate.
      Ravinder Singh February02, 2008

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    • Ravinder Sekhon
      Re: Godse, Gandhi, Moneylenders & BJP It is unfortunate people don’t want to learn from seniors. My main message was why the above never launched any
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 5, 2008
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        Re: Godse, Gandhi, Moneylenders & BJP
        It is unfortunate people don’t want to learn from seniors. My main message was why the above never launched any campaign so far against exploitation on 24X365 basis of over 800 million Hindus, for say last 100 years? Do we believe a few Moneylenders taking away most of the meager earnings of 800 million Hindus are making Hindus as people more prosperous?
        Moneylenders were ruthlessly exploiting 800 million poor for generations charging up to 200% interest and it was unending exploitation compared to the loot of all Muslim invaders, there are hundreds of families who more money in foreign accounts that all the plunder of 1000 years in last 20 years. How much royalty they will have for their religion who has exploited them for generations? Founders of Muslim religion considered “Money Lending For Interest” a major “Social Evil.”
        Only yesterday handful of goons in Mumbai indulged in arson and attacked innocent even if Mumbai may have 100 times more police force.
        Invaders were never more than 5000 but were motivated to go after inadequately guarded treasures with Moneylenders. 
        Secondly it was moneylenders who became agents of Invaders and funded their “Campaign.”
        There was only one British for every 3000 Indians. It was the moneylenders who funded them.
        GOI go after smaller farmer to have defaulted on a loan of say Rs.10,000 and try to sell his land but when Reliance cheated BSNL no one tried to recover Rs. 5000 crores. A sham case was filed to dry up legal options.
        No one is bothered how an unethical Anil Ambani a mediocre is enriched to the tune of Rs.90,000 crores in RPL IPO and Ambanis have lined up more big IPOs as if there is no other capable person and family in India .
        GOI in just one IPO put more money illegally in the hands of Anil Ambani that 4-5 million engineers in India for their start ups.
        Some one has to put an end to Exploitation & Loot, it will destroy India .  
        Ravinder Singh February06, 2008
        Posted by: "arish sahani" asahani2003@...  
        Tue Feb 5, 2008 3:12 am (PST)
        Can some one give us a proof of contribution of Islam to the human race?

        we know they looted many countries destroyed many cultures and made women and many infidel slaves No interest is ok as Muslim have no idea how to create wealth as they have looted others wealth and change no interest to Muslims question are they giving loan to others please let me know.

        Looks like now a days people don't think. Islam is based on looting infidels so watch out for any credit you give to Muslims or Islam.


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