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Guru Granth is defiled when its message is violated - not when exported

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  • B.S.Goraya
    Guru In a press note B.S.Goraya, Chief Servant of organisation dedicated to Kartarpur sahib in Pakistan corridor, the Sangat Langha Kartarpur has expressed
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      In a press note B.S.Goraya, Chief Servant of
      organisation dedicated to Kartarpur sahib in Pakistan
      corridor, the Sangat Langha Kartarpur has expressed
      deep regrets over the controversy raised in connection
      with export of pious volumes of Guru Granth sahib.
      Deploring the SGPC approach Goraya has questioned as
      to who loses in this all. He has claimed that SGPC’s
      ‘fanatic’ approach violates the Sikh tenets. Goraya
      who himself is a Sikh writer has opined that Guru
      Granth sahib gets descerated when the message or order
      contained in it is violated.

      Goraya claimes that whenever such situations arose
      during the life time of Guru sahiban the Guru had
      categorical stated, “just proceed have no illusions or
      doublemindedness.” “There are several instances in
      Sikh history,” claimes Goraya. He has questioned
      whether Makkarh sahib would himself deliver the
      volumes of Guru Granth sahib to foreign Sikhs like
      those in Canada, UK or USA. He said Gurbani is a
      philosophy a concept which is without any size, form,
      colour, religion or caste and obviously how can a
      formless thing be descerated. He has quoted Gurbani
      from page 515 of Guru Granth sahib, “vah vah bani
      nirankar hai, tis jevadd avar na koi,” i.e The
      suupreme gurbani is formless.” He claimed that SGPC
      took an appropriate decision to even send the Guru
      Granth sahib in parcels 50 years ago. He opined there
      is no violation of code if Granth sahib is
      respectfully closed and packed and sent overseas by
      air or sea. He said we should learn from practices in
      other religion, like how the messages of Bible and
      Quran is being spread with liberal circulation of the

      Goraya claims that masses always reject fanatical
      approach. He said today entire Guru Granth Sahib is
      available on a small 30 gram CD. He questioned will
      the SGPC impose restrictions on circulation of CD
      Goraya has alleged that the so called Satkar Committee
      is a tool in the hands of vested interests. He alleged
      that this Committee had no courage to issue a
      condemnation statement when a Deredar was burning the
      columes of the pious Guru Granth sahib. He has alleged
      that this entire controversy is the result stiff
      competetion between two book sellers of Amritsar and
      prevalence of corruption in SGPC. He wondered that
      these book sellers would steep so low. Goraya has
      alleged that some followers of yogi deras have
      infilterated into SGPC and these people are sabotaging
      the spreading of Gurbani message. That sometimes back
      even the SGPC magazine Gurmat Parkash had even
      published an article by a yogi follower.

      Goraya said that if the fanatical code is to be
      implemented notwithstanding then it be there for
      entire Gurbani including Gurbani gutkas of Japuji,
      Nitnem and Sukhmani sahib. Because that also is
      Gurbani. Goraya said it is the message which is
      gurbani and not the paper, ink or card board cover. He
      quoted a stanza from Guru Granth sahib, “Bani Guru,
      Guru hai Bani…i.e it is the Bani which is Guru and
      Gurbani has all the qualities to immortalise an
      individual (page 92 of Guru Granth sahib)

      He alleged that SGPC is raising controversy on export
      of volumes only to divert the attention of devotees
      from its alleged failures like the publication of
      Hindi book which has used derogatory language against
      the Sikh Gurus. He questioned why the committee has
      not taken any action against the writer of the book
      and the officers who had vetted and approved the book
      for publication by SGPC.

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