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Tears Trickled Down Bearded Cheeks of Pal Singh (80)

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  • B.S.Goraya
    Pal Singh’s Story is the story of every householder A devout Akali worker Pal Singh is my Jija ji and is now down with cancer of voice box. At his age of 77,
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      Pal Singh’s Story is the story of every householder

      A devout Akali worker Pal Singh is my Jija ji and is
      now down with cancer of voice box. At his age of 77, I
      found he was able to finish 1 kg box of sweets all
      alone. He originally hails from village Kakkeke near
      Kartarpur Sahib in Narowal district (Pakistan) and is
      presently settled at Paswal near Kahnuwan in Gurdaspur
      district. He is supposed to be a daring man among our
      relatives. Immediately after Partition he became an
      international pirate to bring back his belongings that
      were left behind when they had to flee to India for
      their lives. After operation Blue Star i.e storming of
      Mecca of the Sikhs the Golden Temple he too was
      severely tortured by BSF and cases of sedition were
      also registered against him.
      As and when I met him he would tell a lot of tales of
      the pre-Partition days and I extracted a lot of
      information from him about Kartarpur sahib.
      I had learnt in the year 1999 that Pakistan might
      grant a corridor to Sikhs for darshan of Kartarpur
      Sahib. Since I was in Govt service then I tried to
      persuade many leaders to make a demand for Corridor.
      Till Jan. 2001 when no body came up to agitate for
      the Sikh issue I tried Pal Singh also to come up, but
      in vain. He expressed his helplessness in view of
      domestic reasons. I slightly hinted him that he will
      have to abandon this family love one day. But he did
      not understand then. I suspected how could such a man
      tread the path of militancy in the early eighties. But
      later I confirmed that he did it really. I realised
      the rural workers are swayed by waves only and they
      can’t apprehend things which have distant results. I
      then started understanding the Sikh psyche and to do
      prayers to my Guru to free the Sikh masses of the
      clutches of ‘burchhagardi’ approach.
      Later however Jaswinder Singh of Akal Purakh ki Fouz
      and finally Jathedar Kuldip Singh Wadala got ready
      for the agitation and starting praying at border on
      every Amavas. I again approached Pal Singh to join our
      campaign but he put me off with one pretext or the
      other. The fact was he was too much involved in
      domestic affairs. Again I reminded Pal Singh that he
      will have to leave his grand children one day. I again
      tried Pal Singh to lead us when we separated from
      Wadala sahib and started prayers on every Sangrand.
      But again in vain.
      About one and half year ago I learnt that Pal Singh
      was having health problem. I went to see him and found
      that he was trying only home remedies for his serious
      ailment and persuaded him to come to Amritsar. Lo and
      behold! when he was tested for carcinoma it was found
      positive. Pal Singh survived with Chemotherapy and
      surgery. 3 months ago when I again went to know his
      wellbeing I found he has completely abandoned medical
      treatment and had sought refuge at some country
      hakim’s dera. Hakim was very cheap as compared to
      medical treatment. I alerted Pal Singh that he was
      treading a fatal path. But no. “I am not satisfied
      with treatment at Guru Ram Das Hospital because they
      did not care my hair which fell on treatment,”
      complained Pal Singh.
      Now he reached in serious condition and was hardly
      able to swallow or sip any thing. He was taken to Yoga
      man Baba Ramdev’s clinic at Hardwar. But again of no
      A week ago, in advanced stage of cancer, unable to
      speak or swallow, accompanied by his sons he visited
      us. From his heart of heart he wished that I should
      help him in treatment though from outside he was
      saying no to treatment. I insisted that he be admitted
      and given treatment what ever his chances of survival.
      But his sons and wife were not ready for it. Pal Singh
      was attentively listening to our debate. The family
      he brought up with his toil and blood was getting
      impatient waiting his end.
      No sooner I suggested my wife that we do something
      she started shouting. In my guilt I also became
      While every body was silently finishing their tea and
      snacks I was then thinking how justified is Gurbani
      that this whole life is a mere drama and all
      relationships are false and evolved out of our
      ‘haumen’ the sex and attachment instincts. But only
      one among lacs of people is able to realise it that
      one day one has to leave this all while departing from
      it for ever. We waste our entire life span in the
      pursuit of happiness which we try to seek through the
      worldly and material things. Really we don’t live
      Gurbani. We seldom enjoy the real joy or bliss or
      anand or the charhdi kala. For us money is every
      Pal Singh looked at his sons with contempt. I marked a
      tear trickling down his eyes. Today I learn, he is not
      able to sip water even.
      In a weeks time I will perhaps have to refer to him in
      past tense.

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