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When god laughs 701-720 © Ravinder Singh; Sanjay Dutt Special

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  • Ravinder Sekhon
    When god laughs 701-720 © Ravinder Singh; Sanjay Dutt Special 701. God laughs when no one thought of co-operation of people like Sanjay Dutt could
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      When god laughs 701-720 © Ravinder Singh; Sanjay Dutt Special
      701. God laughs when no one thought of co-operation of people like Sanjay Dutt could have prevented Bombay Blasts. He was not punished for this. In France for a person not helping a hit and run victim could invite seven years jail term.

      702. God laughs when making bombs and storing lethal weapons is not prescribed in any religion and it is the responsibility of all citizens to fight all crimes including terrorism & corruption of government by providing vital clues to the law enforcement agencies, mobilizing & educating people against all crimes. It is actually we the citizens who ought to insist on punishing all violators of law - big or small and corrupt or killers.

      703. God laughs when sending Sanjay Dutt to barrack no 10 of Arther Road jail was breaking news. But almost 50% of inmates are languishing in Indian jails for even longer periods in many cases simply because they don’t have even $200 for bail and $100 to pay for fees of lawyer make no news.

      704. God laughs when in USA Sanjay Dutt’s daughter could keep several assault rifles without attracting any penalty. But in India possession of a four inches long knife in public places is offence.

      705. God laughs when Sanjay Dutt’s 15 years old daughter was given full-length interviews about sentencing of her father and how much she loves him & her choice of new bride for him or rather kind of new mother she may like to have.

      706. God laughs when since independence over 50,000 teenage boys of Sanjay Dutt daughter’s age have been killed in fake encounters, 90% of them on mere suspicion or wrong identification. He actually stored lethal weapons and was friendly with key conspirators.

      707. God laughs when without his family’s clout Sanjay Dutt could have been shot dead in some encounter or killed in third degree torture.

      708. God laughs when the TADA judge stated he has seen “Mumma Bhai” but his Gandhi-giri didn’t work on the judge.

      709. God laughs when Khalnayak of Indian cinema who could kill many without blinking was trembling as the judgment was delivered. He was sentenced to six-year jail term.

      710. God laughs when son and brother of MPs was friendly with criminals turned terrorists.

      711. God laughs when fees of private lawyers engaged for Sanjay Dutt over 14 years was probably more than legal fees charged from rest of over 100 accused and convicts.

      712. God laughs when repeated pleas to the Supreme Court and political influence over 14 years failed eventually. Supreme Court may introduce innovation to let him work for 8 hours a day by extending his jail term from six years to ten years provided all his earnings go to “Jail Account” where he is supposed to work on hard jobs for six years allowing for certain fixed amount for family support.

      713. God laughs when in India there is no “plea bargain” that allow accused to negotiate for lesser jail term for admitting the crime in full. Any leniency in punishment would attract charges of corruption against. All accused could co-operated with justice delivery system had they got a chance of one step lower sentence and wound up the case in 2-3 years all accused would have been out of jail and resettled in life again.

      714. God laughs when India has neither VIP courts nor VIP jails for the rich and influential that could afford them. Such jails and courts could speed up justice delivery in India.

      715. God laughs when teenagers and adults who had not seen a court are all for his release and believe trauma suffered by him was enough but no one talked trauma suffered by India and the family of victims.

      716. God laughs when Sanjay Dutt was negotiating worst phase of his life, TV channels broadcast clippings of his films all day.

      717. God laughs when Sanjay Dutt managed to escape law for four decades since his drug addition days in school and college, when possessing of just a gram of drugs invite summary execution in many countries and slightly lenient sentence in India, peddling his family influence.

      718. God laughs when a very resourceful TV channel found out roommate of Sanjay Dutt with whom he shared a jail cabin of 8X10 feet that also has in built toilet and a water tap for bath. He informed they couldn’t hide everything in such a small space in using toilet and bath.

      719. God laughs when the Special TADA court was set up in a jail and public prosecutor in concluding the case observed he too is discharged from jail after 14 years.

      720. God laughs when entire film industry was particularly agitated for it laundered the earnings of underworld.

      Ravinder Singh, August01, 2007
      Inventor / Engineer


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