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The Man in Blue - No Violence Please

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  • harjinder singh khalsa
    the man in blue harjindersinghkhalsa@yahoo.co.uk No Violence Please In last week’s column I wrote about fighting in the streets between Sikhs and Muslims. So
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
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      the man in blue

      No Violence Please

      In last week’s column I wrote about fighting in the streets between Sikhs and Muslims. So far this has not happened, instead some Sikhs (?) set fire to the cars of a Gurdwara Prabandhak, punishing him for something that did not happen. This reminds me of the Sikhs (?) who set fire to a car and physically attacked a fellow Sikh over the Sikh Student Camp. This reminds me of the Sikhs (?) who broke the legs of a Panjab Radio presenter.

      Well done, wonderful PR for Sikhí … These Sikhs (?) follow the example set by the Taliban. They want to destroy the beginnings of a functional multi-cultural society in this country.

      Life in 21st century Britain is confusing I must admit. I just heard a panel of politicians defend the right to insult others under the banner of freedom of expression, and condemn a girl who was wearing a ring symbolising her vow not to have sex before marriage.

      Why can these politicians not understand how wrong they are ?

      I do not understand how politicians can say that ‘British Values’ are good and that we should all subscribe to them. Obviously some of the values and practices of the UK are excellent, and others are no good at all. And the same goes for Dutch, Chinese, Nigerian or Panjabi values and practices.

      Most of us are obsessed with money and worldly goods. The economy is not meant to serve the people; the people are the servants, the slaves of the economy. It confuses me when people look down on the French because they prefer having a meal with the family to being in the office !

      Drug taking destroys people, their families and society, and the main drug (alcohol) is an essential part of the UK culture. Hearing politicians with a glass of whiskey in their hands condemn drug taking confuses me.

      The row about Bezhti confused me too. I can understand that people disagreed with us, but why did the whole country hurry to condemn us without even listening to our arguments ?

      But if you think that you can solve this confusion by beating up Muslims or fellow Sikhs you are badly mistaken. Stop worrying about who marries who, or who adopts what religion.

      We should read the Guru Granth and do simran (think about God). Then we will find God who is present in all, then we will feel love for the Groom, then we will start working for the welfare of all and then we can change society. If we do not see God in all, we will not see God at all !

      Harjinder Singh
      Sikh Activist
      Vice-Chair Faiths in Further Education Forum
      Faith & Cultural Diversity Consultant
      Heston, Middlesex, UK

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