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Alerts: Yogi or Radha Soamis Making Silent and Systematic Intrusion on Yaho

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  • kartarpurbaba
    HEARING GURBANI WE LEARN THE SECRETS OF YOGA OR THE HUMAN BODY (Sunya jog juggat tann bhed) I am really wonder struck to see some of the yogic concepts
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2005
      (Sunya jog juggat tann bhed)

      I am really wonder struck to see some of the yogic concepts preaching
      letters coming from outwardly Gurmat preaching groups like
      learning-zone@yahoogroups.com. For example two letters are appended
      after this message where yogic concepts have been circulated under
      the garb of gurmat/gurbani. Accordingly a humble attempt is made
      hereunder so that Cyber Sangat can differentiate Gurmat preaching
      from the Yogic.

      Basic Tenets of Yogic or Radha Soami Concepts:
      • They preach sitting in a particular posture for concentration of
      seeing faculty of mind on trikuti i.e in the centre of forehead with
      the attempt to hearing of some sound emanating from body and a jot
      the light. (Medicos believe that the sound is from our life processes
      like the beating of heart and the light is illusion created by Optic
      nerve with constant irritation or concentration. This writer who
      underwent Yogic exercises can also hear the sound and see the light.
      Besides the Gurmat treats them as by products and not the primary aim)
      • From there they search the tenth door or the daswa duar. (In fact
      it is the stage of ultimate union with Almighty: This writer has tried
      to search some one from millions of our brother Radha Soamis (Radhes)
      who has achieve this but found none and thus with the grace of Guru I
      have returned to the House of Truth. Even the yogic books agree that
      Tenth Gateway is possible only when individuals ego i.e greed, sex.
      anger, pride, attachment and worldly love has vanished.
      • Sitting in a particular posture when the attention makes wonderful
      moves they say one should concentrate on this. They say that it is the
      journey of Surat.(Whereas Guru has taught us that it is with the
      understanding of concept of Order of the Lord i.e Hukam or Naam that
      the surat will not wander uncontrolled. 'Nanak hukme je bujhe tan
      haumen kahey na koi' Like when we know that sex is the tool of God
      for reproduction our pseudo-sexual desire is vanished. It will not
      vanish otherwise even if one gets aged or puts many controls over the
      mind. Similar is the case with other kind of lusts or five evils.
      • Radhes believe that that light and sound itself is God or the Shiva
      whereas the Gurmat concept of God is the one Who is beyond lights and
      sounds and forms.
      • They don't insist on the possession of merits like the cultivation
      of truth, love or the other merits devoid of evil. Like Guru has
      blessed us that there is no exaggeration if God is named after truth
      • They don't believe in the basic concepts of Gurmat. Like gurmat
      believes that one achieves Him through singing of His praises. Gurmat
      stresses on Japna or Simran the singing of praises or Gauna and then
      attend to the praises when some one else is singing or japping and
      then for us it important that we practise the Naam or Gurbani in our
      lives it is called Manana to obey. At times during discussion with
      them they insist that 'see Gurbani talks of Sunana i.e hearing of the
      inner word." but when we ask them what to you mean by manana they
      would crumble and grumble irrelevant things.
      • They emphasize on the Yogic chakras.
      • Nowadays these neo-Yogis don't renounce worldly life and live in
      sort of communes indulging into some of the evil things. They allow a
      number of women to stay in the deras. Two years back an innocent girl
      made a direct complaint to the Prime Minister of India narrating how
      she was exploited by a Baba(Second Largest Dera) But they could thwart
      the full fledged enquiry by CBI due to their vote bank. We have got
      photographs when they met the PM.
      • Gurmat stresses on Naam which is Baani or a single word of praise to
      Lord. (O Lord you are great: Waheguru) They don't insist on the
      recitation of the word. Though to befool the Sikhs joining their camps
      they give a mantra of five six words Ounkar, rarankar, jot niranjan
      sohung satinam mostly stolen from elsewhere. But they insist that
      after a certain duration one should give up the word recitation and
      concentrate on the inner sound. They call it Abhiyas or exercise.
      Gurmat is highly critical of praiseless or wordless meditation: lakh
      chourasi pher piya bin shabde mukat na hoi(Page 124 SGGS)
      • They don't believe in the concept of submission to His will or
      rajaa. They say it is simply not possible.Where the concept of Raja is
      something basic to Sikhism hukam rajai chalna (Japuji)
      • They have no remedy for the ills of humanity i.e agonies and
      worries, dukha/sukh in life whereas Gurbani takes the man to state of
      ananda the ecstasy or charhdi kala where the man enjoys life as is
      free from worries, dukha/sukh, fears etc.
      How do they make intrusion?
      When Gurmat was born the land of Punjab was dominated by
      jogis/Sidha/Nathas. As such a large volume of Gurbani is addressed to
      Yogis using the yogi terminology telling them that it is not possible
      without the naam or word or submission to His Order hukma. The Radha
      Soamis use these terms to misguide the innocent Sikhs. Some of their
      preachers are highly educated whereas preaching in Sikhism is
      virtually nil at present due to indirect control of anti-Sikh agencies
      over the SGPC. Thus they are having their day. By misquoting the
      Gurbani. They use one or two sentences but avoid the presentation of
      whole shabad so that meaning doesn't clear. Now in Gurbani there are
      certain shabadas addressed to Muslims as well like: Athe pehar bhauda
      phiren khawan sandrhe sul, Dojak pauda keo rahen ja chit n hoi rasool.
      (page 319) i.e you are destined for hell if you dont pay attention to
      Rasool. Now does that mean that Guru suggests the Sikhs to worship
      Hazrat Mohd? Or there is similarly mehar masit sidak musalla haq halal
      • Whereas at number of places our lord has clarified that with the
      recitation of Gurbani (Japna or Gauna) the secrets of body or life
      stand revealed. See Japuji: Sunya jog juggat tan bhed. Also see Anhad
      dhun vajey nit vajey gai satguru bani(page442) i.e when I sang praises
      I could hear the anhad dhun the limitless sound. on hearing the
      gurbani.Please also see pages (172) (604), (87),(489),(115) (223),
      (587) SGGS.
      They have no Answers to the Sikhs concepts like Sewa the service,
      Manana to obey the Gurbani, Khoj or Vichar of Gurbani, Keertan the
      Gurbani singing with music, gurprasad i.e attainment at His grace
      only, concept of Bhau and Bhaao (fear and Love of God) charhdi kala
      life, Charan Dhool hona,
      The Radhe onslaught has become very noticeable. So much so sign boards
      have appeared in the Golden Temple complex supporting the Radhe
      Concepts one of the boards reads "Gursikh need not recite gurbani
      before dawn" In fact this present Bibi Jagir Kaur as President might
      do incalcuable harm to Sikhims as her being an accused in the murder
      of her daughter and it is likely that anti-Sikh forces might use her
      to the benefit or our opponent. We had published this to bring the
      mischief in the notice of Punjab CM and PM. But no response. But they
      can't be held responsible for this. We strongly feel the SGPC has
      become a liability rather than an assets. We had some two three years
      ago suggested that the overseas sangat should form their own Gurdwara
      Association to take the SGPC to task.Please see detailed charge sheet
      For more detailed article on invasion of Radhes and their modus
      operandi please see; http://punjabmonitor.com/XVII/index.htm
      We will welcome healthy debate on this issue.

      Guru Raakha.
      Nanak akhey ih vichar
      Siphtin Gandh pavey Sansar
      (It is the view of Nanak that with the singing of His praises in this
      life we get yog or attached to Him)
      Please forgive me if at a place I language becomes harsh.
      Me a dog at the glorious house of Baba Nanak

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      To: learning-zone@yahoogroups.com
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      Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 21:26:48 EST
      Subject: Re: [learning-zone] Understanding Gurbani- japji 8th to 11
      pauri 2/3

      Dear Mohinder Sahni Ji,
      It is not about hearing Keertan. You cannot become Sidh no matter how many
      hours or days you listen Kirtan. The stanzas 8 through 11 refer to the
      of inner sound or Anhad Naad or celestial melody. To do that the Dhyan
      has to
      transcend the relative world of the conscious mind through meditation.
      There is
      no short cut to that. The inner self of every individual is the soul or
      diamond of peace Nihchal(AGGS) which is anxiously waiting for your
      Dhyan to merge
      with and experience it. Pl. reply.

      With best regards,
      Dr. Madho Singh
      To: learning-zone@yahoogroups.com
      From: nanak98@... Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
      Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 22:05:14 EST
      Subject: [learning-zone] Re: Human Mind and Gurbani

      Dear Amar Pal Ji,
      It gives me a great pleasure that you have many views agreeing with me and
      that you have an open mind to understand the logical material. There
      are very
      few people like you. Most are dug in their deep convictions and they
      want to
      learn nothing from others.

      Now let us talk about human mind. Jo brahmanday soee pinday jo khojay so
      paaway(AGGS 695) It is the almighty Waheguru present .................
      The conscious mind brought to the level of nihchal
      through Naam Jaap and meditation can perceive the Nihchal mind or the
      It is referred to as Sadh, Guru, Satguru, Sadhu, Khasam, Har, Charan Kamal
      etc.As soon as the Dhyan is untangled from the silent noise of the
      mind(very difficult task), it transcends the Bhavjal (silently noisy
      mind) and merges with the soul which becomes one with the Brahmand(The
      mind being no more in the way). Then that human is one with Waheguru, the
      ultimate goal of human life. .................Ait Raah pat pawriay
      charhiay hoeeay ikees. It is
      called Self Realization, God Realization or acieving Gyan.
      Kumbhay Badhaa Jal Rahay, Jal Bin Kumbh na hoiay. Gyan ka Badhaa Mann
      Gur bin Gyan na hoiay. The pitcher full of water is called Kumbh. Without
      water it is just a pitcher not Kumbh. Similarly the whole mind in
      Surati or Gyan
      or Spiritual wisdom, is the whole One Mind and if there is no union
      dhyan of the conscious mind and the unconscious mind or soul, there is
      no Gyan or
      Self Realization......Ninety percent of the whole mind is fast asleep
      from the conscious mind view

      Please feel free to ask any questions.

      Madho Singh
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