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RE: Ka'ala District Commissioner's Meeting - OCT 6

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  • Greg Oermann
    Barry, When you get finished with your Wood Badge staff duties, I ll be on a plane to Scott AFB, so I wanted to give you and update before I go. We discussed
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2004
      When you get finished with your Wood Badge staff duties, I'll be on a plane to Scott AFB, so I wanted to give you and update before I go.  We discussed the units most in need of help and assigned one commissioner for each.  Here is the breakdown:
      Pack 146 - Joanne reports that it is actually starting to recover.  Gary Sagun agreed to follow up with some telephone calls, as his schedule doesn't allow him a lot of time for unit visits right now.
      Pack 157 - Toby Clairmont
      Pack 170 - Ken Wong - This is normally one of Jean Akagi's units, but she will focus on Troop 173.
      Pack 183 - Greg Oermann
      Pack 275 - We ran out of commissioners at the meeting, but Ken or Gary suggested Dan Blessing.  I don't have Dan's contact info, so you'll have to follow up with him to see if he'll take it on.
      Pack 376 - Myrna Daugio
      Troop 173 - Jean Akagi
      I'll be back on 17 October.  I'll try to check e-mail, but no guarantees.  Or you might catch me on my cell phone 722-6768 (remember that I'll be 5 hours ahead).
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      Subject: Ka'ala District Commissioner's Meeting - OCT 6

      Remember the Ka'ala Commissioner's Meeting at 7 PM on Wed October 6 at the Mililani LDS Church.
      We will be covering several key items during this meeting:
          - Update on Struggling Units & discussion about Lifesaving Commissioner Service
          - Recharter - and especially since the time frame is short, and Joanne's baby is due in the same time frame
      I will NOT be at the meeting, since I am on staff for Wood Badge this week.  Greg Oermann has graciously agreed to chair the meeting in my absence.  Please come and get updates on what is going on so you can better serve the units in our District.
      Yours in Scouting,
      Barry Nupen
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