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  • Myrna_Daguio/MILUKA/HIDOE@notes.k12.hi.us
    Sorry, will miss another meeting since I ll be in Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington from July 5th - 15th. Heard my last report didn t get through so
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21 4:40 PM
      Sorry, will miss another meeting since I'll be in Vancouver, B.C. and
      Seattle, Washington from July 5th - 15th. Heard my last report didn't get
      through so I'll combine my 2 reports and hope I don't leave anything out.

      Pack 144 Did woodwork at their last den meeting.
      Held a pack meeting to hand out awards for the boys.
      Participated in National Cemetery Goodturn Project.
      Attended Cub Scout Day Camp.
      Planning to have a recruitment night at Kipapa Elem. when
      school begins.

      Pack 158 Can't seem to get this pack going.
      Cubmaster Ken Sersun is too busy and needs to step down.
      Will recruit at Waikele Elem. with Fall Round-Up.
      Attended National Cemetery Goodturn Project.

      Pack 326 Although Phil is the Unit Commissioner, thought I'd
      report on them too.
      Phil, feel free to add to this report.
      Pack is now up to 11 Scouts. So pleased since we started
      with "ZERO"!
      Participated in National Cemetery Goodturn Project and
      Cub Scout Day Camp.
      Need to get leaders trained and do an annual calendar

      Troop 144 Don't know who the Unit Commissioner for the troop is but
      I'll report on them too.
      Participated in National Cemetery Goodturn Project.
      Held an Eagle Ceremony for Adam Tansey last month.
      Another Life Scout, Jason Burns, will work on his Eagle
      project that was approved by the troop committee.
      Are preparing to attend summer camp at Pupukea.

      Chartered a bus to Punchbowl Cemetery from Ground Transportation for Pack
      144, Pack 146, Pack 158, Pack 326, and Troop 144. Cost was $113 and gave
      bus driver $12 tip. Pick-up was at 11:15 a.m. at the Mililani Park-N-Ride.
      It was a full bus, capacity of 48 riders and we had 45 Scouters on board.
      We left at 11:30 a.m. and returned at 3:00 p.m. It was good to have the
      smaller units share the cost of the bus. Makes it easier for the units to
      participate in our Council's acitivity too. FYI, Pack 564 chartered a bus
      with Robert's Hawaii and paid $148 for the same service. So if you need to
      charter a bus, call Ground Transportation!

      Cub Scout Day Camp - Just as Barry is encouraging us to visit the troops at
      summer camp, more of us should've visited with the packs. Anyway, think
      about this for next year. It was fun!

      Phone-a-Thon: Present were Steve and Mary Lim, Barry, Joanne, and me.
      Think we got several lost Scouts interested in joining up again so this was
      definitely a worthwhile project. Mahalo to our Key-3 members. Hope we can
      do this after Fall Round-Up too.

      Well, see you all at the next Unit Commissioner's meeting in August.
      Although I'll miss the last couple of meetings, I've been busy with the
      units. I love it! Barry, don't forget to train me so I can earn my
      Arrowhead. LOL =;>)

      Oh, I'll be absent from Roundtable next month too! Please let Miguel, Pack
      464, and his amigos know about my trip. They noticed my absence from the
      last Roundtable. Mahalo!
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