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RE: [Kaala_BSA_Commissioners] Friday's mtg

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  • Elizabeth Baldwin
    Hi Myrna! Sorry about the confusion about last Friday s meeting! I had my cell phone off during the meeting. We met in the building across the parking lot,
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 13, 2006

      Hi Myrna!


      Sorry about the confusion about last Friday’s meeting!  I had my cell phone off during the meeting.  We met in the building across the parking lot, and the people at the other building were supposed to direct scouts to where we were!  Sorry! 


      I had made up a flier at Roundtable about the Wellness Fair, and I do remember Keri making an announcement about it, but I do not believe she mentioned that we needed units to sign up for it.  Seeing that all the fliers I brought were taken (I brought about 30) then I am assuming that some of the units saw them.  I did put Frank’s contacts down as a point of reference for setting up a booth.  I will talk with him tomorrow and see if anyone has contacted him yet. 


      The pinewood derby issue was discussed during the commissioner’s meeting.  I have been approached by a couple of other units who have the same problem also…so I guess you’re not fighting the windmill alone!  (And I happen to be a huge believer in “Dreaming the Impossible Dream”…it’s the only way things get better!) Barry is going to talk with Pack 364 to see what is really going on there.  I am going to make sure that every pack gets to race somehow; this is the HIGHLIGHT of the year for the boys!  It’s what we promised all of them during recruitments, and we need to deliver on that promise…not to mention make sure they don’t miss out on the fun!


      Mac has said that he will see if we could possibly have a day or something where the packs can come up and use the track the Mililani Stake has.  They are also getting a new track next year, and is going to see if they can donate the old one to a pack…it is pretty old and would need some work, but it’s better than not having one!  The issue has been brought up, and several people are working to see what can be done!


      Thank you so much for always looking out for all the boys!


      Liz Baldwin

      District Executive


      595-6366 ext. 228


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      I was looking for a flier on Wellness Fair at Roundtable.  Guess the units don't know about it since no announcement was made about it either.  Today's already February 13th.  So at this late date, unless someone steps up to coordinate this membership function, perhaps we'd better scratch it.

      What about pinewood derby?  The smaller units are already working on their cars.  Next year, I'll tell them not to do the cars unless this problem of a race track is resolved.  How can a small unit with 7 - 9 boys afford a track?  One pack can't even purchase their pack flag.  I also feel for Pack 364, with a racing track.  They've hosted the smaller units for a couple of years already and it does take a lot of time, plus manpower.  I don't blame them for not opening up to all the units.  Perhaps all the small units should get a race track together.  Food for thought for next year.  What about this year?  I know the boys will be so disappointed if they can't race.  
      Sorry, I know I sound negative and I hated missing Friday's meeting when I made a special effort to be there just to bring up my concerns.  Am I the only active unit commissioner working with small packs?  Doesn't sound like the other units have this problem.  I feel like Don Quixote fighting the windmill!  =;>p  

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