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84RE: [Kaala_BSA_Commissioners] MONTHLY COMMISSIONER MEETING, 11/2/2005, 7:00 pm

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  • Nupen, Barry D CIV (CPF N3)
    Nov 2 6:51 PM
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      Thanks, Myrna
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      Won't be able to make it to the meeting tonight.  Will try though!  If I don't make it, here's my report:

              Pack 144 - Had a successful recruitment night.  Think we got 9 new Scouts.  Their first meeting will                         be on Friday, November 11th at St. John's Church.  Shaun Pearce from Troop 144                                 worked with the boys while we talked to the parents.  Difficult part will be getting the
                              parents to assume the leadership roles.  Will begin the paperwork for their attendance at                         Cub-O-Ree and Schofield Day.
                              Have put in another blurb in St. John's Sunday bulletin about their first meeting, Nov. 11.
              Troop 144 - Participated in Troop Fair and their first ever cooking contest.  Boys enjoyed it and at                                 their Monday night troop meeting gave an evaluation.  Boys said they'll begin cooking                                 much later so their food would be fresh.  Duh!  That's exactly what I told them.  I
                              even told them when to begin cooking.  Oh well, live and learn!  Anyway, look for Troop                         144 in future cookouts!  Got a new Scout from         Troop Fair.  One of Daniel Strimel's friend                         from school came by the booth.  What a surprise to find his pal in Scouts!  Devon                                 to Monday night's meeting.  Both he and Grandmother were pleased with the troop so                                 they transferred into Troop 144.  Devon is already a 1st Class Scout.  Troop will be                                 camping at Camp Erhorn the weekend of Nov. 18th.  Troop is in the process of getting
                              new troop T-shirts.        

              Pack 326 - Successful recruitment too!  Pack is now doubled in size with about 8 new Scouts.                                  Meeting is tomorrow night with all the new Scouts.  Will get their forms in for Cub-O-Ree                         and Schofield Day too.  Need to get den leaders signed up because we have a                                         Cubmaster and committee chair.

      Will be assisting Liz with the recruitment of Pack 158 in Waikele tomorrow.  Please join us if you can since both Frank and I have to leave for other Scout meetings.

      BTW, do any of you watch the Food Network channel?  They had an Iron Chef event with Boys Scouts.  The way it works is that each group is given the same ingredients and the boys have to be creative to come up with as many dishes as they can make using only those ingredients.  Would love to try this out with our troops.  Of course, I'll volunteer to be in charge!  LOL  =;>)
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