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128RE: [Kaala_BSA_Commissioners] Friday's mtg/Wellness Fair

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  • Nupen, Barry D CIV (CPF N3)
    Feb 7, 2006
      This should be a topic for Dist Committee mtg and Commish meeting, plus promote it at RT.
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      Yes, it's a membership function but the units usually came out to set up the displays and run games.  I remember pack 864 and troop 144 came out one year.  Another year I set up the displays and games with pack 364 helping to man the games.  Pack 464 did it when Sue Viernes coordinated it.  If none of the units come out, then I can help with the display and bring my beanbag toss game again.  Only thing is that I do not want to stay there the whole time, 9:00 am set up and 2:00 pm take down.  I wouldn't mind working a shift though.
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