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  • ...quite confident with "Sumer Is Icumen In" as canon, they did quite well with "Joan Glover," so I was quite pleased. Jehanne de Wodeford Province of the Mists, West Kingdom
    wodeford Feb 21, 2006
  • ...to your ramada! I ended up teaching my beginners over by the bank of privies instead. ;-> There's always next year! Jehanne de Wodeford, Province of the Mists, West Kingdom
    wodeford Feb 21, 2006
  • --- In KWChoir@^$1, "DON HARRINGTON" wrote: > > I apologize for how long this has taken, but modern life has been keeping me > very occupied. Rock and roll, I KNOW some of these! Thanks, Lazarus. Jehanne de Wodeford, West Kingdom
    wodeford Jan 31, 2006
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  • Anyone have any idea whether music files will be posted for Estrella? Jehanne de Wodeford, sopraltenor Province of the Mists, West Kingdom
    wodeford Jan 30, 2006
  • Looks like I've got the time off! Looking forward to singing again. I had a blast last year. Jehanne de Wodeford, West Kingdom
    wodeford Oct 16, 2005
  • ...shoving to the back burner.... Thank you so much, everybody. I had a blast! And if I'm at Estrella next year, count me in. Jehanne de Wodeford, Province of the Mists, West
    wodeford Feb 22, 2005
  • A big thank you to Lazarus, who sent me the scores in jpeg format. My printer is still digesting "Pastime" as we speak. Jehanne
    wodeford Feb 11, 2005
  • --- Merrin Davidson wrote: > I was able to get the music to print, but I can't > seem to make the midis work. Jehanne, maybe between > the two of us we have the whole > thing I could fax the sheets to you. Sorry, sweetie, I'm off work and don't have a fax here. I have a couple of different media players on this machine and the midis defaulted to Quicktime. Don't know what you're...
    L Joseph Feb 10, 2005
  • ...happened. Seriously, if you have the time to send me the files in an alternate format, I'd be glad to try it. (You can send them to wodeford at yahoo dot com offlist.) I'd really like to be able to get familiar with the pieces I don't know before turning up at a rehearsal...
    wodeford Feb 10, 2005
  • --- Ealasaid nic Suibhne wrote: > I just printed "Tanzen und Springen" and it printed > out correctly. > It looked strange on my monitor, but printed cleanly > and clearly. I > could not get the zipped file to unzip, though. > > I'm using Acrobat Reader 5.0. Do you have an > earlier version, > perhaps? I've got Acrobat Reader 6.0. I'm using Netscape Navigator, because Explorer has...
    L Joseph Feb 10, 2005