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Re: pics and cd's

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  • Annee
    I d also like to get a copy! I ll look tomorrow for the order form! Thanks, Annee ... new Car Finder tool.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 21, 2007
      I'd also like to get a copy! I'll look tomorrow for the order form!


      --- In KWChoir@yahoogroups.com, Maria Daggett <daggett42@...> wrote:
      > There are Cd's available
      > 1) Pennsic 36 concert
      > 2) Pennsic 35 Concert
      > 3) Pennsic 34 Concert
      > 4) Pennsic 33 Concert
      > 5) Best Of KWC from Pennsic
      > Each disc has a list of songs and the Director.
      > There's a cute cover with some text on the inside.
      > They weren't picked up and brought to war as I expected them to
      > be.
      > I've got 20 copies of each version so far, edited and playable
      > on any cd player. There's about 22-40 minutes of music on the
      > discs, some are shorter then others.
      > The best I can tell you... is.. I don't mind mailing... I've got
      > little envelopes and all......
      > I don't want money for them other then the actual expense and
      > the mailing which probably is around $5-ish dollores.
      > (directors get copies gratis... from erlan)
      > So, check tommorrow, I'll put a file in the files section.. fill
      > it out and e mail it back to me... and I'll send out music.
      > when the discs that I have are gone, I'll copy more based on
      > what people want. Then next year before war, I'll get a few
      > more ready for those who missed this.
      > These are archival copies and are NOT meant for re-sale of any
      > kind. Please do NOT transfer or share the recorded music
      > digitally with out the permission of the Known World Choir and
      > it's Directors.
      > Thanks
      > Erlan
      > PS, a few pics from the concert are in the page.
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