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  • chrissings@juno.com
    I encourage everyone to practice ahead of time and to get together in groups to work on the music. For most of us, it really helps to hear the other parts.
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2007

      I encourage everyone to practice ahead of time and to get together in groups to work on the music.  For most of us, it really helps to hear the other parts.  It would be wonderful if we could spend less time going over parts and more time "polishing" the performance.  For example:  clean cut-offs, dynamics, tempo, consistent pronunciation and most importantly getting used to singing with a large group of people that we've never sung with beforel. 

      Just remember...the person leading the rehearsal may not have the same directing style as I do.  So when you arrive at Pennsic, please be prepared to be flexible.  Also, many of these pieces have a lot of "moving parts" with a lot of different entrances and cutoffs.  Since there are four (or six) parts  and I only have two hands, two ears, and one brain, I will not be able to cue every entrance or cut-off every phrase ending.  Heaven forefend...you may have to count! <grin>

      At last week's rehearsal we worked on Cantate Domino.  Two hours in fact.  Many of you have performed this piece before and could probably sing it in your sleep.  For those of  you who haven't you may find it moderately challenging...especially if you don't have a lot of singing experience.  Here are a few things to think about when practicing this piece.

      1.  This is our opening piece...it will start with a bang.  I will give you four beats and God willing and the creek don't rise, you will come in on the downbeat.  The dynamic is forte (f) or loud.

      2.  Please do not close on the "n" in the word "Cantate" it will flatten the sound.   

      3.  At measure 14, the time signature changes from 4/4 to 3/4.  I will give you a clean cut off at the end of measure 13 to give you time to breath and to ensure consistent re-entry.

      4.  At measure 19, dynamics change to mezzo forte (mf) moderately loud.  (I may change that to mezzo piano (mp) once I hear the entire group together.

      5.  At measure 23, tenors and basses...nice strong entrance please...forte (f)

      6.  There will be a ritard beginning on the 2nd beat of measure 45 on "mirabilia ejus"

      7.  Please note that a lot of the phrases end in "s"  Prime opportunity for us to sound like a bunch of hissing snakes which of course is not a good thing.  Watch for clean cut-offs on these phrases...especially when all the parts end on the same beat.

      8.  Many of you are familiar with latin pronunciation.  However, I will go over it in more detail when we are all together.

      Thanks to all of you who are hosting local rehearsals.  The next one at my house is on Sunday, April 22nd at 1:30 p.m.  Directions are attached.  They are in word format.  If you can't read them, let me know.

      Sing well and sing often.


      Arianna M.

      -- Maria Daggett <daggett42@...> wrote:

      Rehearsals are a wonderful thing!
      When I directed the choir, I tried to have as many rehearsals as
      possible at events in the East Kingdom. That's where I live.
      It's a good idea to post local practices on this list. You
      never know when someone can attend something.
      I encourage others in your local area to have a practice.
      Learning parts, practice the text and rhythms are really
      important. Even a small group of motivated people can gather
      together at a shire or barony meeting and try to work out some
      of the parts.
      In fact, yahoo groups has this calendar feature that I don't
      think we've ever used. Anyone hosting a practice should contact
      Arianna and see if there's anything particular to work on, and
      post that gathering in the calendar.
      Good luck everyone in learning the music. It's a really
      nice programme for Pennsic and the more that is learned ahead of
      time either alone or in a small group will only enhance your KWC

      If there are any problems or concerns, please contact me off

      Thank you kindly and
      sing loud
      sing strong
      sing often
      and sing happy

      Your moderator and KWC Coordinator

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