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Re: Gulf

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  • Maria Daggett
    SNIP: (Erlandr, this doesn t mean I m volunteering to direct a ... Well, I m SURE that you ve not volunteering, no, not YOU. But that s OK, there doesn t have
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2007

      (Erlandr, this doesn't mean I'm volunteering to direct a
      > choir, or even
      > the altos. Really. Let me get acquainted with the place
      > first! <eg>)
      > Tara

      Well, I'm SURE that you've not volunteering, no, not YOU. But
      that's OK, there doesn't have to be any vocal activity at all.
      Nope, that's OK. ...
      you know, guilt doesn't work real well in e mail.

      I think that even if interested people gathered in one place at
      a particular time it would be fabulous.

      I'll start a Gulf Wars poll and the folks who are going can chat
      with each other. Maybe something can happen.

      Tara, I've missed you these last few years. I have news... I
      GOT MARRIED. YUP (to the guy who drives the Zaxi)

      anyway, hope all is well with you


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