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Re: [KWChoir] Translation?

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  • Karen Kasper
    I don t speak Spanish either, but I have translations for some of the pieces. Dindirin is actually in Catalan, which reads to me like a mix of Spanish and
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      I don't speak Spanish either, but I have translations for some of the pieces. 
      Dindirin is actually in Catalan, which reads to me like a mix of Spanish and French. "Early I rose up one fine morning to wander in the meadow.  There I met the nightingale singing in the treetop.  Nightingale, oh nightingale, take this message to my lover.  Tell him that I am now married."
      Otro Tal Misacantano is about a drunken priest.  Refrain: "Another precentor like this one you'll prehaps never find nowadays."  Verses: "Anyone looking at him so meek and mild might well think him a nice little donkey.  Well I can warrant you he knows a trick or two. His drinking habits surpass belief: he outdrinks any publican be he French or Italian.  See how discreetly filled is his well-cured wineskin.  He looks sleepy as an ass, which, once hired, takes a siesta all summer."
      Gentil Senora Mia: "My gracious lady, I find in the movement of your eyes a je ne sais quoi which transfers all my troubles to my sad fantasy.  I seek solitude for contemplation, and find in it so many pleasures that I would die were I to go on thinking about it.  But these thoughts are so frail that they soon come to an end, and I must turn to other things.  Yet I persist in these same thoughts and find myself saying, if only this were not to come to an end!  But then I perceive that so much pleasure is not one of those things that can last."
      Pase El Agoa is in Galician. "Come to me across the water, my Lady Juliet.  I will go into the forest, there to pluck three roses."
      Amor con fortuna I don't have a full translation for, but it's basically about the singer having no success in love; love is the enemy, and has treated the singer unkindly so he is tired of it or perhaps even angry.
      Sitientes is an Old Testament text about coming to the water of God with joy when you thirst.   Peccantem Me is New Testament, about the fear that as a result of sinning and not repenting, one will not achieve redemption, so the singer asks forgiveness and salvation from God, and to be redeemed from the inferno.  Mariam Matrem is of course a paean to the Virgin Mary. 
      I hope this helps!  I plan to have a limited number of copies of these translations at Pennsic.

      Ysolt la Bretonne <ysolt@...> wrote:

      I love the music we are singing at Pennsic. I am wondering if any one
      could offer translations. I can sort of get the Latin and the snippets
      of French, but not the Spanish, in Dindirin, dindirin, nor Spanish in
      general. I'll worry about pronunciation in rehearsals, but I'd love
      translations or general sense of the meaning now.

      Maîtresse Ysolt la Bretonne, OP
      Barony of Windmasters' Hill

      Karen Kasper

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