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Re: [KWChoir] Lilies KWC Inaugural Performance

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  • Justin Semmel
    If you have any spare copies, or just pdfs, I would mind bringing your melody to our far distant land. YiS Juz, from the land of the long white cloud aka
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 27, 2006
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      If you have any spare copies, or just pdfs, I would mind bringing your melody to our far distant land.
      Juz, from the land of the long white cloud
      aka Melbourne Australia, come winter.
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      Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2006 2:43 PM
      Subject: [KWChoir] Lilies KWC Inaugural Performance

      Unto the fantastic musicians of the KWC come warm (and exhausted)
      greetings from Brice Le Raton, the lucky conductor of the first
      annual Lilies Known World Choir.

      I want to thank everyone who participated this year in our
      performance. Despite some setbacks with performance times and
      venues, we were able to accomplish our first performance on Saturday
      evening with 20 fantastic singers and put on great show.

      Everyone did a great job dealing with the challenges that came up.
      The first challenge that came up was a common one. On Wednesday
      when I got to the war and we had our first rehearsals, we had 1
      bass. Yep, just one. So, in the hopes that we would get a few
      more, we went over the treble parts and I had to seriously revaluate
      what I wanted to perform. Fortunately, the anchor pieces for the
      concert were the Kyrie and Sanctus from the Byrd Mass for 3 voices,
      so we were OK with a few more basses there. But the 4 part Arcadelt
      and Morley pieces were right out…. Panic time for Brice!

      I had thrown my back out about 3 weeks prior to the war. (This ended
      up working out for the best, sort of) Since I live close enough to
      day trip and sleeping on the ground would probably have left me
      wishing I were dead, I was going home every night. So Wednesday
      night I went home and selected 2 & 3-part music to replace those
      pieces, and Thursday lo and behold, I had FIVE basses (really,
      really GREAT ones too) come to rehearsal. (Still no tenors

      Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had some outstanding and fun
      rehearsals, culminating with a performance at the Barony of
      Forgotten Sea party Saturday night following the Fireworks show. I
      had great apprehensions about performing outside by torchlight, but
      it all worked out OK. After we started singing, people started
      coming from all over to listen, and we got wonderful audience
      response. Several people asked us if we had a recording… go

      The final program ended up:

      Ah, Robyn - Wm. Corynsh
      Four Arms, Two Necks, One Wreathing – Thomas Weelkes
      Je' Nos et Tre Content – Certon (2 part chanson for women's voice
      w/recorders doubling)
      Kyrie – Mass for 3 Voices - Byrd
      Sanctus – Mass for 3 Voices – Byrd

      Not the 6 pieces I had planned on originally, but still a solid
      program and a wonderful performance.

      We learned some lessons about doing the KWC at Lilies this year.
      First lesson is not to depend on the scheduling whims of the Crown.
      We were originally scheduled to perform prior to main Court on
      Saturday, but the various permutations of weather and Crown whims
      demolished that plan. Next year we will have a separate time in the
      afternoon that will not be dependent on last minute changes to court

      We will also get music out sooner and have things broken out into
      rehearsal parts as well.

      I am excited about next year! I think we are off to a great start
      and will do even bigger and better things in the future.

      BTW, for anyone coming to the Kris Kinder Event in December in the
      Barony of Forgotten Sea, Calontir (Kansas City), I will be putting
      together our annual yuletide performance again this year. I will be
      posting music for that here on the KWC site for anyone interested.

      Yours in service to music in the known world.


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