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Lilies KWC site to be up soon

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  • Bruce Rawitch
    Folks, I am the director for the War of the Lilies KWC in Calontir this summer. I am in process of getting a website up with info which will be at
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      I am the director for the War of the Lilies KWC in Calontir this summer.  I am in process of getting a website up with info which will be at www.lilieskwc.com .  If you can put the following annoucement out on your various kingdom newsgroups  and A&S lists, I would appreciate it.  Many thanks to Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope for her excellent Pennsic information, I have no shame, I stole the format from her (cause it's good-I only steal from the best ;)). 

      I would ask one more thing from this group.  I need to finalize my music selection this weekend.  My concert theme will be "Faith, Love and War"  I am looking for between 7-9 pieces.  I have some definite ideas, but I would love to hear your input for pieces on these themes (and yes, I have Non Nobis Domine, the Byrd and Henry V versions, and The Agincourt Carol already) 

      Here is the annoucement: 

      Lilies Known World Chorus

      The inaugural performance of the Lilies Known World Chorus will be directed by H.L. Brice Le Raton from the Barony of Forgotten Sea, Calontir.  Brice  has over 20 years directing experience in early choral music in the SCA and directs Guido's Hand Early Music Ensemble.  

      Calontir's War of the Lilies is held June 9-18. Further information about Lilies can be found here  

      What is the Known World Chorus?

      The Known World Choir is a group of people from across the Kingdoms of the SCA who love to sing a cappella choral music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Singers gather, rehearse and perform at major SCA wars like Estrella, Lilies and Pennsic.

      To stay informed about the activities of the Known World Choir, join our Yahoo Group at groups.yahoo.com/group/KWChoir. (You must have or sign up for a free Yahoo ID to join this online email list.) 

      To access the music and get specific information about the Known World Choir at Lilies, you can access our website at www.lilieskwc.com  (This site is currently under construction but should be live in the next week).  Rehearsal schedules and other information will be posted as soon as it is finalized.

      You don't need to have any early music experience to sing in the Lilies KWC.  A desire to sing and be able to carry a tune is all that is needed.  Previous singing experience and/or the ability read music is helpful but not required if you are willing to put in the effort to learn the music before arriving at Lilies. To facilitate this, the music for the Lilies KWC will be made available at www.lilieskwc.com in PDF and MIDI formats that will allow everyone to print off and learn their parts in advance. It will also help to be present for as many of the rehearsals as possible. Music will also be available for download from the Known World Choir Yahoo Group webpage or by postal mail from the director (as a last resort, please)

      How to join the Lilies KWC

      If you would like to sing in the Lilies KWC, please use the on-line form at www.lilieskwc.com to register. It will help the director to plan and make it more fun for everyone. 

      (If you have any problems using the on-line form, please mail the following info to Brice at brucerawitch@...)

      • Modern Name
      • Address
      • Email address
      • SCA Name
      • Kingdom
      • Voice Part 1: first preference,
      • Voice Part 2: alternate parts you're willing to sing, if any
      • Expected date of arrival at Lilies


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