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  • Maria Foss
    Thank you, Lady Ysabiau, for your kind words of affirmation. I hope that next year I, like your Atlantian friend, find a way to fit more music into my
    Message 1 of 13 , Sep 26, 2005
      Thank you, Lady Ysabiau, for your kind words of affirmation.  I hope that next year I, like your Atlantian friend, find a way to fit more music into my vacation at the War.
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      Hello everyone! I was the tall, lone Trimarian at
      this year's Pennsic. I had a wonderful time at my
      first Pennsic and participating in the KW choir
      played a major part of it.

      Marea's input is so valid - more importantly it
      is usable. I would like to add an intangible; one
      of the things that impressed me with this year's
      leadership was her ability to handle externally
      rising pressures while keeping the internal
      pressure (which in performance situations can
      become explosive!) maintainable.Our comraderie,
      through the music, was the main focus - with the
      goal of that comraderie being the quality of work
      we would produce in concert. The performance
      pieces gained value - not soley because of the
      authenticity of the pieces but because a group of
      people decided to work together to perform them
      to the best of their ability, boldy,  with modern
      flaws and all; the truest and most beautiful type
      of anachronism.

      Esprit de corps is not an easy thing to establish
      and/or maintain. It takes a good leader to
      recognize it and nurture it. Vivat! I look
      forward to getting to know all of you better in
      the years to come.

      With Fond Regards,

      Lady Ysabiau la Jolicoeur d'Avignon

      PS. If we musicians find ourselves concerned with
      being a "fringe" element of SCA, remember this -
      it doesn't matter what the audience size is -
      what matters is the impact we have on the

      A new friend of mine from Atlantia has picked up
      the recorder, and "relearned" to play it, and is
      looking for more challenging material. He has
      mundane obligations that would boggle even the
      busiest of our lives, yet he is making time to
      fit msic into his. If he hadn't attended the
      KWChoir concert, this wouldn't have happened.
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