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  • Jo-Ann
    Thank you for posting this, Erlan! I have taken the early morning spots for our new Rehearsal and Class tent that were available, and will be sure the tent has
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      Thank you for posting this, Erlan!

      I have taken the early morning spots for our new Rehearsal and Class tent that were available, and will be sure the tent has water when our Known World Choir rehearsals are finished.  Cailin and I are planning to bring our cordless drills and screwdrivers and such to setup!

      Lady Siri

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      I would like to extend a warm and enthusiastic welcome to all of our new and returning performers
      - we have a very full schedule and roster this year!

      Less then 50 days until Pennsic and it's that time - here is the information about set up and strike for this year,
      as well as the sign up sheets for the other volunteer opportunities in the Pennsic Performing Arts Spaces!

      Per performance agreement - every performance act must provide two volunteers at set-up &/or strike- and more are always welcome!
      Please remember to sign the book (and have those who are helping you, or filling in for you, sign the book) and be sure include which performance group they are with!

      If you are unable to help with set up &/or strike due to significant time constraints or physical difficulties (or unable to find others to fill in for you),
      please email me before Pennsic, if you have not done so already, about filling other volunteer needs.

      Set up:
      - Set up this year will be starting earlier then expected, more information on this soon!
      - We will be setting up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of peace week, (and potentially Sunday!)
      - We will be starting around 10am each day.
      - Bring your cordless drills, clothing or garb you don't mind getting paint on, painting supplies, and work gloves.

      We have three spaces this year to get ready:
      1) The Performing Arts Tent - including the stage, curtains, light trees, power cables, stage lights, backstage lights, and seating area
      2) The Amphitheater - setting up signposts for the Amphitheater, checking the area for trash, debris, and hazards like wasps nests
      3) New this year - the Performing Arts Rehearsal and Class tent - which will also be down by the Amphitheater.
      This will include building and setting up a sign board, a podium, setting up the chairs, and cable locking the chairs together to help prevent things from wandering away on their own.

      Rehearsal Tent & Amphitheater Strike - will begin 8/1, Thursday Afternoon, 3 - 6pm after final classes in the tent (3pm) and the Known World Players auditions (5pm).
      We will need to restack all the chairs in the rehearsal tent onto pallets, and return ALL Amphitheater and Rehearsal Tent properties to the Performing Arts Tent backstage for storage on the trailer during evening strike.

      Performing Arts Tent Strike - will begin after Known World Players performance ends on Thursday night (apx 10:30PM) and run until we are done or until 2am (quiet hours) whichever comes first. Anything not completed by 2am will to wrap up early on Friday AM beginning at 9:30am.
      Please bring your cordless drills, other useful tools - and if anyone could contact me about any extra light sources we could use (bright Coleman lanterns, workshop lights, that sort of thing), that would be helpful so we can also work to drop the stage/house light trees safely.

      Other Volunteer Opportunities:
      We have a number of other areas that also need volunteers throughout war from Thursday peace week - Thursday war week including:
      tent openers, water cooler checkers around noon and again around 5pm, evening light board operators (split shifts available!), and night tent closers.

      Please click the links for more descriptions and/or to sign up:
      2013 Volunteer Shift Duties - Descriptions
      (Full URL if needed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPLDFzQIbBWLcjKaBcDYTY_KOOz_C_vQ124airIwV5M/edit?usp=sharing)

      2013 Volunteer Sign Up Sheet
      (Full URL if needed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T0pwS9dObxintdSwQ9HMQ6VOk3sA26RVRvAKnzwdAPs/edit?usp=sharing)

      If you have multiple people in your performance group, please feel free to pass these sheets on to your members who may be interested in helping out!
      Together - We Can Do This!

      Last but not least:

      This year on request of the Queens of the Middle and East - Pennsic has even thrown in a new fun bit
      - the New War Point for Volunteering!
      "The Volunteer War Point (VWP) will be held on Tuesday of War Week, July 30th, from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm. Each location will be asked to track the names of the volunteers, the hours they have volunteered during the 24-hour period, and for which Kingdom the volunteers are declaring. Results will be tabulated and whichever side has the most volunteers at work that day will win the point."

      Performing Arts will be participating! Sign up today and help your Kingdom Win the War in July!

      Please email me here or at pennsic.perfarts@... if you have any questions about all this, or any technical issues signing up?

      Thank you again for volunteering your talents and time to entertaining at Pennsic
      - It's looking to be a fantastic year for Performing Arts!

      Lorelei Skye
      Dean, Performing Arts College - Pennsic 42

      Juliane Bechaumpe, Johannes von Narrenstein
      Deputies, Performing Arts College - Pennsic 42

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