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  • Steven Mansfield
    And to directly answer the original question, we did it two years ago. Only for two of the songs, in particular, Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement and Sweet Kate
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 16, 2012
      And to directly answer the original question, we did it two years ago.  Only for two of the songs, in particular, "Ma Fin Est Mon Commencement" and "Sweet Kate of Late Ran Away and Left Me" were both SAB.

      On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 6:34 AM, Dave <dsrubin2004@...> wrote:

      When the tenor for our quartet didn't make it to Pennsic we backtracked and did a bunch of SAB (sometimes SAT) trios for both busking and singing on the Thursday night concert. Most of them were madrigals, but there is some stuff otherwise.

      I don't have the books in front of me, but I think one was specifically SAB songs, and we got the others out of the Oxford Book Of English Madrigals. I'll check titles when I get home.

      In a trio setting the balance doesn't matter of course (not by numbers of singers at least), but I can see it helping in large groups with our current lack of male singers. I considered doing exactly this for KWC this year, but by the time it was clear HOW unevenly balanced we were the songs were long chosen and published. Sounds like Siri has this issue on her radar screen already...

      FYI: a quick search on cpdl.org shows 38 sacred renaissance SAB pieces and 98 secular pieces.


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      > Just curious, but has the KW Choir (or any other groups out there) ever performed music arranged for SAB rather than SATB? The unfortunate lack of male voices seems to be a chronic problem, leading to treble heavy performances. Then the male voices are further diluted by the standard tenor/bass split. I wondered if anyone had ever done SAB arrangement and whether it worked to help the balance. Thanks, Sapphira

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